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In pictures: Famous tourist areas are at risk of extinction

In pictures: Famous tourist areas are at risk of extinction

A serious tourism report published by the International Tourism Organization this week warned of the extinction of some tourist destinations around the world, due to natural factors and human intervention as well.




The report called on the concerned governments to urgently provide the necessary support to preserve these tourist areas, or they will disappear completely within a few years.

The following tourist areas came at the top of these expected risks:

The white cliffs of Dover, Britain


The report says it is now eroding at its highest rate ever due to human intervention.

Venice – Italy


The report warned that the Italian city of Venice is eroding and disappearing at a rate 5 times higher than what is scheduled in normal conditions.

Great Wall of China – China



Thanks to erosion factors, the report confirmed that the Great Wall of China, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, has disappeared a third of it so far, which is a serious matter.

Dead Sea


The report says that the Dead Sea’s days are numbered, after experts discovered that the water level in the sea is decreasing by one meter annually.




Finally, the report indicated that rising sea levels will threaten about a tenth of the world’s population who live in low-lying areas and islands that are at risk of flooding, including the famous tourist islands of the Maldives.

In pictures: Endangered tourist places

In pictures: Endangered tourist places

The world as we know it now, with all its details, events, events and places, will not remain the same during the coming years, whether these years are long or short, according to scientific and environmental reports in this regard.



According to these reports, some areas will disappear from the map of the globe due to various factors, such as climate, environment, erosion factors and other reasons.

Let’s take a look with pictures on the 5 most famous tourist areas in the world, they may disappear soon, as some experts say.



Can you believe that the Seychelles islands themselves are threatened with extinction? Yes, the first honeymoon destination in the world may erode its beaches and disappear completely during the next 50-100 years.



Kilimanjaro Mountains, Tanzania
The white snow that covers the famous peaks of Kilimanjaro Mountains in Tanzania, in the heart of Africa, will be the reason for the disappearance of these mountains one day, especially as studies confirm that these icebergs have shrunk by 85% during the last 100 years.



Glaciers Patagonia – Argentina
Patagonia, one of the most important tourist attractions in the world, is a group of famous glaciers in Argentina, scientific calculations indicate that it will soon become extinct due to high temperatures and lack of rain.



Madagascar forests

Because of the frequent fires, and their mass removal, environmental experts expect that the existence of the famous forests on the island of Madagascar will end within 35 years at most from now.



Venice – Italy
The floating city, the most famous tourist in the world, the Italian Venice, is at risk of extinction due to the unprecedented high rates of flooding in recent years.