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Tourist visa in Malta

Tourist visa in Malta


Before heading to travel and tourism in Malta, there are some conditions necessary to obtain a visa, which are:

Submit an official application at the Maltese embassy or consulate to obtain a visa.
2 recent personal photos with white background.
A passport valid for at least 3 months.
An integrated letter explaining the itinerary.
Sufficient health insurance to cover the duration of the trip.
Hotel stone.
Round trip airline tickets.
Proof of financial ability to cover the expenses of the tourist trip.
Pay the visa fee of 60 euros for those over 12 and 35 euros for children between 6 and 11 years old. While the visa is granted free of charge for those under 6 years old.
The ideal period for tourism in Malta
When planning your Malta itinerary, keep in mind that you do not leave the island before 3 weeks have passed. Some may think that this is a long time to wander on a coastal island, but the pleasure of the trip will certainly prove the opposite.

In Malta, tourism tours are not limited to cruises only, despite the undoubtedly attractive beaches and the waters of the Mediterranean. Visitors also have an amazing opportunity to get acquainted with the civilization of the Mediterranean in the best way. In short, the charm of Malta drives tourists to extend their vacation over and over again.

The cost of tourism in Malta
Financial expenses are one of the important issues that concern visitors when talking about tourism in Malta. Although the expected costs differ from one person to another, it is necessary to know the average cost during the development of the tourism plan.

In this regard, it can be said that the costs of tourism in Malta are reasonable in comparison with the fun that visitors will get. Where the average daily cost does not exceed the equivalent of 231 euros, or about 270 US dollars per person.

Transportation and transportation in Malta
Getting around in Malta is done by many ways, including:

Bus: It is one of the public transportation available in the cities of the island of Malta at economical prices. However, it often gets crowded in the middle of the day.

Trains: It is one of the important means of transportation in Malta, especially the railway that connects the capital, Valletta, and other Maltese cities.

Taxi: Many tourists prefer to take a taxi for a comfortable transfer. This is what Maltese cities offer in abundance for tourists, but with greater costs.

Bicycles: Tourists in Malta have fun opportunities to rent bicycles and go on fun trips through the streets of old towns and on the charming beaches.



Food and drinks in Malta

Food in Malta
It is unbelievable to leave Malta without tasting one of its traditional delicacies. Who among us does not like Mediterranean dishes and Maltese cuisine to prepare them for tourists? The meals served by the country’s restaurants are based on seasonal foods. For example, Maltese menus are filled with pasta with tomato sauce in the summer, while warm soup is often served in the winter.

The most famous foods in Malta are seafood, including fish, shellfish and octopus. This is undoubtedly normal, as we are talking about a marine island rich in fresh fish. While sweet lovers in Malta also enjoy delicious dishes, the most important of which are cold desserts such as ice cream and sweets with natural fruits. The island’s most delicious drink is bitter orange.


The official currency of Malta
Malta is a member of the European Union and that means relying on the euro as the country’s official currency.

Communications and the Internet in Malta
During your holiday in Malta, you can communicate with your friends and relatives with ease and ease. This is because the country has a distinguished group of telecommunications companies, the most important of which are:



Go Mobile: It is the largest company in the Maltese telecom market. Where the aforementioned company dominates a huge portion of the fixed-line sector on the island.
Melita: Melita is an important telecom service provider to users in Malta, with the company capturing 34% of the market.
Vodafone: It is one of the most important mobile communication companies in the island of Malta. Where this global company provides communication services and fast Internet to its users.