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Tourism in the Czech Republic

Tourism in the Czech Republic


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Tourism in the Czech Republic is one of the best options for those looking for the nobility of the past and the beauty of nature together. In the smallest countries on the European continent, there is a lot of magic that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.



The country’s attractiveness increases in the eyes of tourists due to the beauty of its capital, Prague, as well as the splendor of the Czech countryside. It also offers many attractions, especially excellent national parks such as the Bohemian paradise, old churches, palaces and plazas.

Discover tourism in the Czech Republic
Here is this article that will help you to know the top 10 tourist cities in the Czech Republic. As well as a set of the most important tips, instructions and information, which you must know before traveling to have a successful and enjoyable holiday…



czech republic map
The Czech Republic is located in the middle of the European continent. The country is divided into 14 provinces, the most prominent of which are Bohemia in the west and Moravia in the east. As for the political borders, they are mostly wild, with the Czech Republic bordering Poland in the north and Austria in the south. While it is also bordered by Germany to the west and Slovakia to the east.

The best time to travel in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the European continent. This is due to the picturesque nature of the country, especially the charming mountain ranges and flowing rivers. However, to have the most fun in the Czech Republic requires tourists to choose the right time to visit the country. Perhaps it is useful to see the Czech climate in advance, as it is known for its warm summers and cold winters. It is worth noting that:


Summer (June to August): Summer is the peak season for tourism in the Czech Republic. Where tourists enjoy long hours of sunshine, extending in the month of July until ten in the evening. This means a lot of warm weather that gives visitors the opportunity to experience various recreational activities, including water and mountain.

Spring (April to May): It is one of the pleasant seasons to visit the Sheik for several reasons, the first of which is to maintain the advantage of the warm weather and the pleasant sun. But with less congestion compared to summer this undoubtedly means more economical costs. It is also more attractive to go to the Czech Republic in the spring because the country’s plains are filled with colorful flowers and its cities are crowded with festive seasons such as the Prague Spring Festival and the Czech Malt Festival.


Autumn season (September to November): The temperature at the beginning of the fall season, specifically from September to mid-October, maintains its moderation. This provides another opportunity for tourists to enjoy the nature of the country with quieter trips as well as the pleasant experiences of participating in folk festivals, especially with the grape harvest.

Winter season (December to March): The temperatures drop significantly in the Czech Republic during the winter months with rain and snowfall on the higher elevations. However, it is possible to see the scene from another angle and get an unusual trip to the Czech Republic during this period, especially for lovers of winter weather.

The language in Czech
The Czech language is the official language spoken by the vast majority of the Czech population. This language is closely related to the Slovak language as a West Slavic language.



Tourist visa in the Czech Republic
Before heading to travel and tourism in the Czech Republic, there are some conditions necessary to obtain a visa, which are:

Apply for a visa with signature and fingerprints at the headquarters of the Czech embassy or consulate or through the visa application center in the country of the tourist.
A passport valid for at least 3 months longer.
Recent personal photos, 35 x 45 mm.
hotel reservation.
Proof of financial ability to cover trip expenses of at least €44 per day. Through the bank statements of the last 3 months before the trip.
Round trip airline tickets.
Health insurance of at least 30 thousand euros.
Pay the Czech visa fee of 80 euros for adults and 40 euros for children over the age of six.
The ideal period for tourism in the Czech Republic
Tourism in the Czech Republic has many interesting activities, from mountain and beach trips around the rivers to exciting exploration experiences of the country’s civilization and history. Given the large number of activities and the diversity of the provinces on the Czech land, tourists are puzzled about the long enough period to get a complete picture of the Czech Republic?

The answer to the previous question is determined simply by the time the tourist plans for his vacation, but it must not be less than 15 days initially. While the charm of the Czech Republic is expected to capture the hearts of tourists and push them to extend the holiday for at least a month.



The cost of tourism in the Czech Republic
The financial cost of tourism trips is one of the most important information that any tourist needs to plan well for his trip. We are pleased to inform you that the cost of tourism in the Czech Republic is the lowest compared to the costs of tourist trips in other countries of the European Union.

In the Czech Republic, a tourist can get a hotel room for two people at a price of 2218 CZK, which is equivalent to 96

American dollar. While he can also eat a delicious meal at a price not exceeding 469 CZK, or 20 US dollars. In short, the average daily expenditure for a tourist trip in the Czech Republic is about 281,548 CZK, which is equivalent to 83 US dollars per person.

Transport and transportation in the Czech Republic

Movement in the Czech Republic is carried out by many ways, including:

Bus: It is the most common means of transportation in the Czech Republic. An extensive network of buses covers affordable public transport within and between Czech cities.

Trains: Trains are a convenient form of public transport in the Czech Republic as well. The railway network covers an important area of ​​the country, providing visitors with easy transportation between provinces.

Private taxis: Many tourists rely on private taxis during their trip, and one of the most famous companies in this field is Liftago. In short, tourism in the Czech Republic provides private transportation at economical prices compared to the rest of European countries.



Food and drinks in the Czech Republic

Traditional Czech cuisine adds an extra touch of charm to your Czech tours. It is unreasonable to visit the country without enjoying the taste of its delicious foods. Or drink its special drinks of hot charcoal in the winter or fruit juices in the summer.

The Czech food journey begins with traditional soup dishes, the most important of which is kulajda soup consisting of mushrooms with milk or cockova polevka, a lentil soup. While the main meals consist of beef or duck with salads. The most famous food of all is the pastry of Czech dumplings stuffed with either meat or vegetables. While restaurants here are famous for their walnut and honey cake desserts and apple pies with cream.

The official currency of the Czech Republic
The Czech Koruna is the official currency of the Czech Republic and is symbolized by czk.

Communications and the Internet in the Czech Republic
During your tourist vacation in the Czech Republic, you can communicate with your friends and relatives with ease. This is because the country has a distinguished group of telecommunications companies, the most important of which are:

T-Mobile: It is the largest and most important telecommunications company in the Czech Republic. It provides its users with the benefits of high quality connectivity and fast internet with an excellent 5G network.
Vodafone: It is one of the global telecommunications companies that provide high-speed telephone and Internet services to users on the Czech territory.
O2: The company O2 joins the race to compete in communication services and the Internet in the Czech Republic also, providing users with the advantages of quality and speed.
The distance between the most popular cities in the Czech Republic
From Prague to Plzen 95.4 km.
From Olomouc to Brno 79,2 km.
Ceske Krumlov is 24.9 km from Ceske Budejovice.
From Kutna Hora to Karlovy Vary 213 km.
The distance between Prague and Zlin is 298 km.
Rent a car in the Czech Republic
Many visitors seek to find a rental car during their sermons in the Czech Republic. This is for faster and more comfortable navigation as well. In any case, this idea is undoubtedly a good one because it is easy to get the right car through the car rental sites scattered on the Internet.



All that is required is that the tourist must be at least 21 years old and have obtained a driver’s license for at least one year. After that, the contract is concluded and the car is received with steering wheel on the right. It should be noted the need to adhere to the local traffic regulations in the Czech Republic in order to avoid violations.

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