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Tourism in Bugibba

Tourism in Bugibba


Bugibba is on the list of cities worth visiting on the island of Malta. The reason for this is due to the importance of the heritage city, which includes St. Paul’s Cathedral, the National Museum of Natural History and the National Aquarium, as well as the Falson Palace Norman House.

Bugibba dates back to 60 AD, which makes it one of the most prominent archaeological sites in Malta. This charm is compounded by the fact that the city is also a former site of the Maltese capital before Valletta. This upscale walled city thus occupies a prominent place in the itinerary for those wishing to sail into the life of the gentry of Malta.

Tips before traveling to Malta
Visitors to Malta have irresistible magical opportunities that start from the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean and do not stop there. Rather, the beautiful islands take them on attractive excursions to learn about the history of the region. However, enjoying the details of the trip without any inconvenience requires tourists to follow the following tips and instructions:



Stay away from peak periods
One of the important tips for a comfortable trip in Malta is to choose a tourist program that takes into account the distance from the seasons of crowds. In other words, if you want to enjoy the beaches of Malta without being bothered by overcrowding, try to visit the country in early June, March or September.

Bring sun protection with you
It is important to bring your bag before heading to Malta with a hat, flyers and sunscreen. This is to protect yourself from the strong hours of the sun, especially if you choose to visit the island in the summer.



Don’t forget to have a delicious Maltese meal
Many tourists try Malta’s restaurants and taste the country’s delicious traditional recipes. However, what will make your trip even more fun is buying fresh fish from the Sunday market and preparing it in a restaurant, the indigenous way.

Don’t worry about language
Although the Maltese language is adopted as an official language on the island of Malta, your ignorance of this language will not cause you any problem. The reason for this is the widespread use of the English language among the population.



Don’t carry all your money in your pocket
Despite the low crime rates in Malta, it is best to take care of your money and personal belongings during your tours to protect yourself from theft.

Do not limit your trip in Malta
Malta officially consists of 3 islands, the largest and most visited is Malta. However, this does not mean that you should make the same mistake, as both the islands of Gozo and Comino are attractive attractions worth exploring.