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Tourism in Macedonia and the best tourist cities we advise you to visit

Tourism in Macedonia and the best tourist cities we advise you to visit


Tourism in Macedonia is a unique experience, as it is considered a hidden gem that not many people know about, despite being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It includes a distinguished group of impressive historical, cultural and tourist attractions. This is because it is rich in diverse cultures, including Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Serbian, Persian and also Soviet heritage. It is a wonderful blend of those ancient civilizations, which made it an ideal tourist destination for history lovers.

Macedonia has many tourist attractions such as Orthodox churches, Islamic mosque towers, archaeological pieces and sites, ancient books as well as allowing you to attend festivals and evenings of poetry and literature, as well as the national and artistic folklore of Macedonia, and traditional crafts, in addition to national costumes with high precision embroidery, and limestone mountains, Tranquil country villages, sparkling lakes, hills, and theme parks.



Tourism in Macedonia

Discover Macedonia Tourism
There are many tourist activities that Macedonia offers you, where motor boats in wonderful valleys, kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding and others. Here is a comprehensive guide to the best tourist cities in Macedonia and the most important information and tips you will need…

Macedonia is located in southeastern Europe, bordered by Greece to the south, to the east by Bulgaria, to the west by Albania, and to the north by Serbia and Kosovo.




The best time to travel to Macedonia

The best time for tourism in Macedonia is during the four seasons of the year! . It enjoys a mild climate all year round, making it an ideal tourist destination all year round. It also offers you many exciting and wonderful experiences and adventures. So the best time to visit Macedonia depends on what you intend to do tourist activities. It is worth noting that:

Spring (March to May):
It is one of the wonderful tourist seasons in Scotland, where the spring is characterized by its mild climate, which allows you to do many fun recreational activities, especially in the Macedonian capital Skopje.

Stroll through the streets filled with beautiful flowers, colorful butterflies, and lush green trees and you can also attend Easter, one of the most important calendar events in Macedonia.

Summer (from June to August):
This is one of the peak seasons for tourism in Macedonia, where temperatures rise, tourists and locals crowd around the coastal beaches, and the charming Ohrid Lake. And go to theme parks and national parks with wide green areas such as “Gradesks Park”.

As well as enjoying a cable car ride to reach the top of Mount Vodno, which reaches a height of 1066 meters above the ground. Moreover you can attend famous summer festivals, live outdoor concerts, eat delicious Macedonian food, buy souvenirs and wonderful traditional crafts.

Autumn semester (September to November):
Autumn is usually the best time for travel and tourism in Macedonia, as it is characterized by the wonderful autumn color explosion in the Matka Valley, which allows you to enjoy beautiful country tours, eat spicy red pepper dishes, and watch the grape harvest in Vardar Valley.

This is in addition to the fun of sports such as hiking in the garden paths and amusement parks. It is a perfect time to travel to Macedonia.




Winter season (from December to February):
The Macedonian capital is famous in the winter for the spread of smog over it. In addition, snow falls on the mountains of Mavrovo National Park, which provides an ideal period for skiers and alpine explorers.

Also, do not miss a wander through its rain-drenched cobbled streets, especially around Lake Ohrid and Prespa, and enjoy visiting churches and religious monasteries.

The language in Macedonia
Macedonian is the official language used in Macedonia. There are also more widely recognized languages ​​officially recognized in the country, including: English, German, Serbian, Croatian, and French, in addition to Albanian, Turkish, Romanian, Bosnian and Aromanian.


Macedonia Tourist Visa

To spend a tourist holiday in Macedonia, you must obtain a visa to travel to Macedonia. This requires you to have several documents and documents necessary, to obtain a visa to travel to Macedonia, which are:

The application form for obtaining a Macedonian visa, filling it in a clear handwriting, and paying the visa fee.
Two recent passport size photographs with white background.
A passport that is valid and valid for at least three months, starting from the date of your trip in Macedonia.
Notarized official invitation, or a copy of the hotel reservation where you will stay for the duration of your trip.
A recent bank statement, as a guarantee to cover your financial expenses within Macedonia for the duration of your trip.
Conduct a personal interview.
International travel insurance certificate.
Reservation of a round trip flight ticket.
The ideal period for tourism in Macedonia
The ideal period for tourism in Macedonia is from a week to

ten days. Which is an ideal and quite enough time to explore the country and do fun leisure activities. You can go to the most famous attractions in Macedonia, which is the capital “Skopje”, visit the Art Bridge in Skopje, and the wonderful Ohrid Lake.

Then you can enjoy the bustling European-style town of Bitola, exploring historical ruins along the way, abandoned churches, old bazaars, baths turned into art galleries and more.

Then you can visit Krusivo, a small mountain town, with winding stone streets. And “Matka Canyon” is one of the most natural areas filled with valleys, caves, small monasteries, boat rentals and rowing in the artificial lake.

Then you can visit Tetovo, home of the most beautiful mosque in North Macedonia (IMO). It is a colorful mosque with great architecture and decoration inside and out. As well as Pelister National Park, which has many hiking trails, and Mount Papa to conclude your leisure trip in Macedonia.

How much does tourism cost in Macedonia?
Tourism in Macedonia is very cheap, as it is considered one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Below is the average cost of most activities and services in Macedonia, to have a tourist trip at an affordable cost and suitable for your budget.

It is worth noting that usually the cheapest time to spend a vacation in Macedonia is from January to April.

The average price for a one-week trip per person is approximately 1099 US dollars.
Hotel prices in Macedonia are approximately 56 US dollars per night, ie ranging between (31-87) US dollars.
The average price for renting an entire house per night ranges from (100-340) US dollars.
The price of a one-star hotel room per person per day ranges between (27-31) US dollars.
The average flight cost from Sofia Airport from all over the world ranges between (714-1092) US dollars per person for economy flights.
The cost of daily expenses per person ranges between (19-44) US dollars approximately.
Transportation and transportation in Macedonia
Transportation in Macedonia

Macedonia has many means of transportation, which you can use during your vacation, to move between the most famous places and tourist attractions. Here are the most important means of transportation in Macedonia:

Traveling by rail in Macedonia is very economical and convenient, but it is limited due to the mountainous nature of the country.

Public buses in Macedonia are characterized by their high efficiency, speed, comfort and air conditioning for passengers. In addition to their cheap prices as well.

It is one of the most used means among tourists in Macedonia. We advise you to book a car from the hotel before departure, to get the best service. And you can rent a car in Macedonia due to the advanced Macedonian road, and to explore it absolutely free.



Food and drinks in Macedonia

Macedonian food is famous among the world’s cuisines. It reflects Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, and Italian influences, as well as influences from the Middle East. There are many delicious traditional Macedonian dishes, the most important of which are:

They are cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat and rice, a popular traditional winter dish.

Compar Mandza:
Potato broth, which is minced meat, cut potatoes and vegetables.

It is a traditional Macedonian dish, which is usually prepared in the fall. It consists of roasted red hot pepper, with bread and white cheese. It is one of the most delicious Macedonian dishes.

It is a dish made of boiled beans with onions, peppers, tomatoes, oil and many spices. It is a popular dish in Macedonia.

Zinc (boric):
It is one of the most delicious types of pastries in the world, stuffed with minced meat, spinach, or cheese.

It is a beautiful traditional Macedonian dish, consisting of meat, french fries, eggplant and types of vegetables, and it is golden in color and crisp in texture.

It is a soft minced meat grilled in the form of sausages, served with bread and sour cream.

Shopska salad:
It is a salad made of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and grated white cheese.

There are also many great Macedonian desserts such as eclairs, sutlegas (Macedonian rice pudding), tolompi, vanellissi, zkivli (delicious cheese rolls), and many more.

There are also many beautiful drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks.



The official currency of Macedonia

The Macedonian Dinar is the official currency used in the country of Macedonia, known for short as (DEN), or (MKD).

Communications and the Internet in Macedonia
The Republic of Macedonia has a highly developed telecommunications market, as it owns the best and most important telecommunications companies in Europe, and among the most important five leading telecommunications companies in Macedonia:

IOne Macedonia.
Tele cable.
All these huge companies offer the biggest offers and discounts, and many services such as high speed internet, strong coverage, affordable prices for phones, and many more. All you have to do is choose the offers that suit you, to communicate with your relatives and friends abroad.

Distance between the most popular cities in Macedonia
To move between the tourist cities within Macedonia, to explore its attractions and tourist attractions. It requires you to know the distance between these cities. Here are the distances between the most famous tourist cities in Macedonia:

Struga to Strumica 167 km.
Tetovo to Skopje 38 km.
Veles to Skopje 42 km.
Botel to Skopje 11 km.
Prilep to Veles 45 km.
From Prilep to Struga 76 km.
Prilep to Skopje 73 km.
Ohrid to Veles 105 km.
Ohrid to Strumica 158 km.
Berovo to Strumica 35 km.
From Berovo to Ohrid 1