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Happiness is the common thing that all people search 

Happiness is the common thing that all people search 

Happiness is the common thing that all people search 


but the concept of pleasure differs from one person to another, as there is a large part of the enjoyment in travel and tourist trips, so some Arab cities seek to provide attractions to spend a time full of fun and entertainment, the most important of which is the Emirati city of


Khorfakkan, which owns The most beautiful recreational places such as the new Corniche, which is an outlet for many tourists and residents of the city, which includes a group of restaurants on the new Khorfakkan Corniche.

Best Khorfakkan hotels
New Khorfakkan Corniche restaurants


In order to complete the stay, you must choose one of the hotels available in the city, which is located on the sea, and you will see one of the most beautiful landscapes, with the provision of rooms and suites that are suitable for families, in addition to all the amenities and pleasure that you need for a distinguished stay, read more.

The best restaurants in the new Khorfakkan Corniche
And when you need to eat some famous Arab and international food, you will find that the Corniche contains a list of the most famous distinguished restaurants, so we have provided you with some information about these restaurants.

Lebanon restaurant

The city of Khorfakkan is interested in providing the most popular and most popular dishes in order to ensure that all tourists meet all their needs of different foods, and among the most delicious dishes are the Lebanese dishes, which are distinguished by their delicious and delicious taste, which are available in the Rubou Lebanon restaurant.


As for happiness, you will feel it when visiting the restaurant and sitting in the outdoor seating areas, which will be very wonderful in the morning to enjoy the warm sunshine. The restaurant also offers a special taste for all dishes.

Working hours: The restaurant operates daily from 8 am to 1 am.

Contact number: 00971509899330