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The most beautiful Russian cities


The most beautiful Russian cities

Tourism in Irkutsk


The city of Irkutsk is very popular with tourists, due to its beautiful landscapes. In addition to its wonderful strategic location, near Lake Baikal. All this made it the best tourist destination in Russia for many.



In Irkutsk, you can enjoy many wonderful recreational activities, such as visiting new educational museums, seeing a unique collection of beautiful Siberian wooden houses and wandering among them. This is in addition to the various tourist restaurants and cafes. All this made Irkutsk a tourist area worth exploring in Russia.



Tourism in Nizhny Novgorod
Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod is a characteristic Russian city, which attracts many tourists all year round. It is a city marked by the passage of the Volga and Oka rivers. The city also features the amazing Kremlin on top of the hill, which allows you to practice exciting experiences and adventures. As well as many fun recreational activities such as wandering and visiting some museums, cafes and restaurants, in addition to the possibility of taking a picturesque river cruise to some nearby villages and countries. And enjoy the charming views of the surrounding areas, as it is a Russian city with a special character worth visiting and exploring.

Tourism in Sochi

The city of Sochi has a privileged location on the coast of the Black Sea, which made it one of the important tourist destinations in Russia. It is one of the famous Russian cities, because it hosted the Winter Olympics in 2014.

The city of Sochi has the largest seaside resort in Russia, which has a beautiful waterfront promenade. In addition to enjoying the wonderful recreational activities in the parks scattered throughout the city. The visitor can also swim in the coastal beaches with warm waters, as well as visit the famous Russian Riviera, go to nearby ski resorts in the mountains, and go on exciting adventures. One of the most beautiful and enjoyable activities that you can do is hiking in the Agora Valley, it is really a wonderful tourist city.



Tourism in Volgograd

Volgograd is one of the most important and attractive Russian cities for travel and tourism in Russia. It was known as “Stalingrad”, a city of distinguished historical fame.

The city has many landmarks that the visitor can explore, the most important of which is the huge memorial dedicated to the amazing success of the Soviets during the war. In addition to the distinctive waterfront that includes it and gives you charming views, in addition to luxury restaurants and cafes. So be sure to include it in your Russia tour program.

Tourism in Veliky Novgorod
Veliky Novgorod

Last but not least comes the city of Veliky Novgorod, that ancient Russian city on the banks of the Volkov River. It was the first Russian capital in the ninth century, and is considered one of the favorite tourist areas by many tourists in Russia.



The city is characterized by the inclusion of many wonderful ancient monuments, which still exist today. You can visit the ancient churches and monasteries, the most important of which are St. Sophia Cathedral, which dates back to the eleventh century, and St. George’s Cathedral. This is in addition to the oldest monastery in Russia. And don’t forget to try Russian food and drink in the city’s most beautiful historical restaurants and cafes.

Tips before traveling to Russia
Russia is one of the famous, well-equipped and safe tourist countries for tourism, it is not a dangerous country at all. Here is a set of tips and guidelines, which you should know before you travel, and will help you spend your vacation in a safer way to avoid any obstacles”

Obtaining a visa to enter Russia
Make sure you have your visa with you, and always have your passport with you when roaming the streets of Russia. This is to prevent legal liability.




Use some guidebooks and maps
You can download Russian phrasebook, to help you communicate with Russian people who are not very good at English. Especially learn some famous Russian phrases.

Use public transportation
It is the ideal way to get around within Russia, especially in big cities with subways. You should know how to use the metro map, as well as when using buses. Pay close attention to the station names, as they are usually in Russian only.

General understanding of the climate of Russia
Since it does not freeze all year round, winters tend to be cold and summers are incredibly hot and humid. So figure out which season you are going to visit Russia, and pack your belongings according to the weather in it.



Don’t drink tap water
Bottled water in mineral bottles is the only drinkable in Russia, unlike most Western countries. Beware of drinking tap water.

Respect local customs and traditions
Following local Russian customs and traditions is important, such as wearing formal clothes in restaurants, covering women’s heads when visiting churches and cathedrals, and other Russian customs and traditions.

Choose your itinerary
Proper planning is the main reason for the success of holiday tourism in Russia. And that is because it is a very large country, rich in many attractions, which is well worth a visit. With a plan before you travel, you will be able to visit and enjoy all the different tourist and natural places and attractions.