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The menu includes a group of the most delicious and

The menu includes a group of the most delicious and


delicious Arabic and Western dishes, as it offers many meals and items that are suitable for morning breakfast, lunch and dinner as well, in addition to a varied list of hot and cold drinks.

Working hours throughout the week from 12:30 pm until 4 pm, then work again from 6:30 pm until 12 midnight, except for Sunday from 12:30 pm until 12 midnight, for reservations you can call at 97123067000+


Baladna Restaurant
Baladna restaurant in Abu Dhabi for dinner

One of the most famous restaurants in Abu Dhabi for dinner, which is distinguished for providing the best and most delicious Arabic and Western dishes. It is also



distinguished by its high service thanks to its inclusion of the best working cadres. The restaurant provides the possibility of delivery to any place within the borders of the emirate.

The menu includes many Lebanese dishes and meals, as it provides a varied menu for many items to suit everyone’s tastes, and when talking about its prices, they are somewhat high, but they are suitable for the level of service and the quality of the food they provide.

Working hours throughout the week from 12 pm until one after midnight, and you can book by calling +97128188203



Villa Toscana Restaurant
Villa Toscana restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Villa Toscana Restaurant is one of the most prominent restaurants in Abu Dhabi for dinner, as the restaurant falls under the list of the most prominent Italian restaurants famous for the quality of its food and service. It also provides an elegant and calm atmosphere, so it is suitable for individuals and families.

When talking about the menu, we will find it full of the most delicious Italian dishes, famous for their irresistible spices, so do not miss trying Italian pizza, pasta and many others.


One of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi for dinner that we recommend you to try, as it is distinguished by its privileged location, as it is located in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and the restaurant provides an ideal atmosphere for lovers of comfort and tranquility.

It is also possible to rent a chalet on Yas Island near the beach for  special vacation.

It is also possible to rent a chalet on Yas Island near the beach for  special vacation.



Attending events
yas beach abudhabi
Yas Beach
Many fun activities are held on the artificial beach of Yas Island, including concerts, special holidays and seasonal celebrations that take place throughout the year.

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Yas beach ticket prices
The prices are as follows:

For adults 50 AED
For children between 8 and 16 years old, 25 AED
Children under 8 years old are exempt from the entry fee
Yas Beach location
The beach is located on the artificial Yas Island, and you can view the location through the following map.


See also: Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi.

Yas beach opening hours
The beach is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm.



Hotels near Yas Beach, Abu Dhabi
Many accommodations are located near the beach, so we tried to mention the best of those places in terms of services and recreational facilities, as well as prices, as follows:

W Abu Dhabi Hotel – Yas Island
W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island
W Abu Dhabi Hotel – Yas Island
A luxurious 5-star hotel, characterized by a wonderful design, half of which is located on land and half on water. It also includes a variety of luxurious facilities, including two swimming pools, restaurants, spa and fitness facilities. There is also a shuttle service for visitors to and from the airport. read more.

Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island
A luxurious 5-star hotel near Yas Beach, Abu Dhabi. The rooms feature views of the Gulf and the swimming pool. It includes high-level visitor service facilities, including an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, a spa and wellness center.

Watching the sunset
yas beach abudhabi
Sunset at Yas Beach
Get away from the daily crowds and create a calm



atmosphere for yourself at Yas Beach. The best thing that helps you clear your mind is watching the sun disappear behind the clouds and its colors reflect on the beautiful turquoise water.

Accommodation in chalets
You can stay in one of the luxurious Abu Dhabi Yas Beach hotels, as it provides luxurious services and distinctive



seaside views, as well as the recreational services that characterize the island’s facilities, especially international hotels.

atmosphere for yourself at Yas Beach. The best thing that helps you clear your mind is watching the sun disappear behind the clouds and its colors reflect on the beautiful turquoise water.

Yas Beach Abu Dhabi is distinguished by a picturesque strategic

Yas Beach Abu Dhabi is distinguished by a picturesque strategic

location on the tourist island of Yas, which is considered a distinctive sign in tourism in Abu Dhabi. It is visited by many visitors from the people of the city who consider it an outlet for them and families trust it because of the necessary safety and tranquility, in addition to the various activities.

The beach offers boat and yacht cruises, and many just prefer to relax and rest on beach chairs or lie in the warm sun and over the soft white sand.

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Discover Yas Beach Abu Dhabi
A wonderful beach that offers many activities for the whole family to enjoy, in addition to water skiing; We also find boating with the family, as well as swimming, and other activities that we will learn about in the following, in addition to more information, so follow us.

The most important activities on Yas Beach
The following are a group of recreational activities that can be practiced when visiting the beach:



Recreation and rest
Yas Beach, Abu Dhabi
Beach seating
Relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the calmness you will feel on the white sands of Yas Beach. You can also lie on beach chairs under umbrellas where there are sunbathing areas. You can also walk on the sand along the sea and watch the landscape.

Also try: Al Ain Garden Paradise, Abu Dhabi.

Water sports
It is wonderful to spend times full of activity and vitality, especially in the warm summer weather at Yas Beach, Abu Dhabi. Swimming is one of the best water sports that is preferred by many, especially family members, as it is a safe area for teaching swimming to children, in addition to the fun of surfing, interesting water slides, and others.

beach games
Yas Beach, Abu Dhabi
beach games
Enjoy the movement and competition between you and your friends through beach sports such as beach handball or basketball. You can also form your team and start



enthusiastic runs in football. Also, many games can be played on the soft sand in a free space that accommodates many visitors.

Visit the private beach area
Yas Beach
private beach
Spend more private times in one of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi. The private beach of Yas Abu Dhabi includes many recreational facilities that tourists are looking for.

In addition to the infinity-edge swimming pool, you can try delicious meals lying on a beach chair and enjoying the natural scenery.

Also try shopping at: Khalidiya Mall, Abu Dhabi.



eat the food
Eat your favorite food facing the sea, either by bringing it with you from one of the restaurants near the beach or from the private beach area on Yas Island.

Enjoy the quiet view as it is less crowded compared to the city beaches, also have your hot or cold drink on a beach chair for relaxation.

Arabian Tea House: You must taste the Lebanese dishes

Arabian Tea House: You must taste the Lebanese dishes


this restaurant that are prepared in a wonderful way. Oriental food and a variety of vegetarian dishes are also available.
Yummy Hyderabadi: Indian meals have a special taste inside this restaurant. You will melt from its beauty.
Taste of Malabar: Don’t miss out on trying the grilled chicken and beef at Taste of Malabar.
Tea Corner Café: In this café, you will taste the most beautiful cup of tea after eating. You will really enjoy the good taste of the drinks.
Find out more restaurants in: Mercato Mall Dubai.
Al Quoz mall phone number
The mall management has indicated a designated phone number for visitors to contact in the event of a problem occurring inside the mall or to find out the timings of the shops, where visitors can call this number: 043235644.


See pictures: Safa Park, Dubai.

Hotels near Al Quoz Mall, Dubai
The Al Quoz area in the Emirate of Dubai contains a group of the best hotels that you can stay in throughout your trip within the emirate, and in order to facilitate your access to the mall, these hotels such as:

Metropolitan Hotel Dubai
Metropolitan Hotel in Dubai
Metropolitan Hotel Dubai
Only 2.4 km until you reach Al Quoz Mall, you will spend a few wonderful days in this international hotel that has very special services for visitors, as Arab visitors praised the


cleanliness, comfort, and wonderful room views of the garden or the city. read more.

Enjoy more entertainment at: Jumeirah Open Beach.

Holiday Inn Express
All the facilities you need can be found in this hotel, where the large swimming pools, sauna, and gymnasium, and the food there is very delicious, enjoy the breakfast experience in the morning among the green spaces


Ras Al Khaimah Bank Branch.
Travel agencies.
Exchange shops.
Car parking.
Al Quoz Mall opening hours
The mall operates seven days a week at specific hours:


From 7 am to 12 midnight.
Al Quoz Mall location in Dubai
The mall is located within the third industrial area, Al Quoz, near some vital facilities and places. To know the location in more detail, you can view the following map.

The Dubai Outlet Mall includes the most famous international shops

The Dubai Outlet Mall includes the most famous international shops

that make you confused about buying this and that, and why not? It is the largest outlet mall in the Middle East, inside which you find everything you need to buy for adults and children, and it also provides many services and facilities that are not found in any other mall, which made it one of the most important tourist places in Dubai, as the shopping experience there is really wonderful that you will enjoy a lot.

Discover Dubai Outlet Mall
An unforgettable shopping experience where the most famous fast food restaurants, more than 200 shops, and more, we get to know them together in the following:

Shop shopping
The Emirate of Dubai includes the first outlet mall in the Middle East that contains a large number of various stores such as clothing stores, perfumes, accessories, household appliances, optics, etc., so we will highlight these stores, as follows:


Perfume shops
Swiss Arabian.
Arabic for Oud.
Spectrum of the Emirates.
Rose Princess.
Oud Elite.
royal musk.
Optical shops
Sunglass Hat.
Rivoli Eye Zone.
Sunglass Hut.
Barakat glasses.
Aqua glasses.
Al Jaber Opticals.
Electronics stores
Harman House.
Grand Store.
Also know: Wafi Mall, Dubai.

shoe stores
debt london.
Charles & Kate.
Nine West.
shoe mart
The Show Deal.
Service stores
Al Ansari Exchange.
All day.


Esther Pharmacy.
Homeware stores
Canon Home.
Daiso Outlet.
King Koil.
Professor Outlet.
Sporting Goods Stores
Golf World.
Sun & Sand Sports.
The Athletes Co.
Under Armor.
accessory stores
Swiss watch house.
Basel for watches.
The House of Watches.
life style.
The Vault by Damas.
Men’s clothing stores
Umberto Bresci.
Sakor One.
Pal Zileri.
My brands Palazzo.
Fabio Ingirami Outlet.
Women’s clothing stores
Aftershock London.
Nishat Lenin.



Dubai mall outlet timings
The Outlet Mall receives its visitors throughout the week, but at different working hours, which we can learn about as follows:

Work starts from 10 am to 10 pm from Saturday to Wednesday.
While work starts on Thursday and Friday from 10 am until 12 midnight.
See pictures: Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Where is Dubai Outlet Mall located?
Dubai Outlet Mall is located on Al Ain Road in Dubai No. 66, and to see the location more clearly, you can see the following map.

There is a way that can get you to the mall with ease. If you prefer

There is a way that can get you to the mall with ease. If you prefer



to arrive by bus, bus Nos. 66 and 67 go towards the mall, and if you prefer to go by public transportation, the Dubai Metro also takes you there.

Outlet mall phone number
You can contact the Dubai Mall management to inquire about what you want on this number: 0554179035.

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Hotels near Dubai Outlet Mall
It is located near the Outlet Mall, a group of the best hotels in Dubai that you can stay in throughout the duration of your visit, and we can recommend to you the best of these hotels in the following:

KSK Homes Hotel Dubai Academic City
KSK Homes Hotel
KSK Homes Hotel Dubai Academic City
You will really enjoy staying inside this hotel as it offers hotel services at the highest level to visitors, distinctive rooms with wonderful views, high-quality food and drinks, many service facilities, read more.



Habtoor Polo Resort
It is one of the wonderful tourist resorts in the Emirate of Dubai, as it provides visitors with value for money, in addition to the comfort and relaxation that they feel within the resort facilities.

Also know: Al Quoz Mall, Dubai.

customer service
There are customer service centers within the Dubai Outlet Mall that help visitors know the exact locations of the stores inside the mall, and solve the problems they face, as the employees have high communication skills, and enable them to speak with customers in all languages of the world.



emergency room
In the event of injuries or fainting of a visitor in the mall, there is an emergency room equipped at the highest level to save such cases, and you can contact it immediately on this number: 044234666.

Free shopping vouchers
The most important thing that distinguishes the Outlet Mall in Dubai is that it offers gift vouchers to visitors that they can use in many



shops to get great discounts on purchases, as there are gift vouchers of up to 500 dirhams that are valid for a whole year, you can use them at any time throughout this year .


Many visitors come to the Dubai Outlet Mall, especially in order to

Many visitors come to the Dubai Outlet Mall, especially in order to

buy the best children’s clothes from famous brands, and below we

Find out more at: Mercato Mall Dubai.

Baby stores in Outlet Dubai
Dubai Outlet Mall
Riva clothing store
Many visitors come to the Dubai Outlet Mall, especially in order to buy the best children’s clothes from famous brands, and below we get to know together the stores in the mall:

Via Bambino.
The Children’s Place.
Pinkies Milano.
Original Marines.
Little Angels.
Kids Puzzle.
Riva Kids.
Cami Outlet.
FG for London.


Baby Shop.
Dubai Mall Outlet Restaurants
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kentucky restaurant
After an enjoyable shopping experience inside the mall, you can now enjoy delicious food and drinks in the most famous restaurants in Dubai, as there are dozens of distinctive restaurants inside the mall, including the following:

The most famous fried chicken restaurant in the world, it provides good-tasting chicken meals, high-quality service to visitors, your order is ready as soon as possible so that you can complete your shopping experience in the mall freely.

choking orient
If you are a fan of Chinese food, then you will like this restaurant very much, as all the main Chinese dishes melt in their beauty, in addition to offering some oriental food that satisfies all tastes, a wonderful dining experience that I advise you not to miss.



Pepero Restaurant
The most delicious and delicious pizza you can taste at Piebro Restaurant Dubai, their pizza is characterized by being exaggeratedly served compared to the reduced prices they offer, a wonderful distinctive decor that is popular with families and children.

More restaurants in: Cityland Mall Dubai.

Dubai Outlet Mall services
The mall contains many facilities and services for visitors to enjoy a different shopping experience, and perhaps the most prominent services available there are the following:

One of the best services praised by visitors at the Dubai Outlet Mall is the presence of free wheelchairs provided to visitors who are unable to move and the elderly so that they can enjoy the shopping experience inside the mall.

free internet
There are many wireless internet networks provided by the mall management for free to its valued visitors.



places for children
If you take your child with you shopping inside the mall, you can let him play in the children’s play areas on the first floor until you complete your shopping trip.

Al Quoz Dubai Mall is the most famous mall in Dubai,

Al Quoz Dubai Mall is the most famous mall in Dubai


specifically in the Al Quoz area, because it contains all your personal needs, including household items, clothes for you and your children, accessories that decorate your hands, and much more. You can also try Indian, Lebanese, oriental meals in famous restaurants that The mall includes it in your shopping experience, do not miss this opportunity, and go to Al Quoz Mall to shop now.

Discover Al Quoz Mall Dubai
Shop comfortably, get all the household necessities, and eat your favorite meal at Al Quoz Mall, one of the best malls in Dubai, whose sections we learn about as follows:

Mall shopping
As usual, the Emirate of Dubai includes within it one of the largest shopping malls that serve visitors from all sides, where the famous shops are in clothes, accessories, gifts, household items, and others. The mall also includes a large hypermarket that contains all items and household products, a large assortment of these stores. The most famous of which are as follows:

Kara Market: A quick tour of the Kara market for international jewelry and accessories takes you to another world of its beauty.



Arte Market: If you are a fan of fine handicrafts, Arte Market is specially designed for you. Do not miss visiting it when you go to Al Quoz Mall, Dubai, UAE.
Marjan Gallery of Islamic Arts: Lovers of antiques and precious antiques are on a date with a large selection of gold and silver artifacts inside the Marjan Gallery in Al Quoz Mall.
The Makers Market: A diverse store that includes many things such as children’s clothing, distinctive perfumes, and accessories.
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Al Quoz Mall restaurants
Al Quoz Mall Dubai
Al Quoz Mall restaurants
A series of the best restaurants are now waiting for you inside Al Quoz Mall, where you can take a short break after shopping in the mall to have lunch at your favorite restaurant. Perhaps the most famous restaurants there are the following:

Al Quoz Mall services
Al Quoz Dubai Mall provides many services to visitors so that they can find everything they need inside, and these services include the following:


Automated teller machines in the mall.
The Emirates Identity Authority and the Health Authority.


From Carrefour hypermarket, at the cheapest prices

From Carrefour hypermarket, at the cheapest prices

Learn more: Umm Suqeim Park, Dubai.

Services in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai
The Ibn Battuta Mall management provides many services to the visitors that serve their stay inside the mall, such as:

Wheelchairs for patients and the elderly.
First aid for injuries or fainting.
Automated teller machines.
Baby changing rooms.
Chapel for ladies and men.
Moving around the mall by bus.
Parking for mall visitors.
Photocopy centers.
Branches of important banks and companies.
Car wash service.
Customer service offices spread throughout the mall.
Offices specializing in lost and found.
Working hours of Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai
The mall receives all visitors throughout the week, as the timings are as follows:

From Saturday to Wednesday it is open from 10 am to 10 pm.
On Thursdays and Fridays, it is open from 10 am to 12 midnight.
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Location of Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai
The mall is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, in Jebel Ali Village specifically. To know the location in more detail, and to know the surrounding places, you can view the following map:

Ibn Battuta Mall phone number
If you would like to inquire about any details related to the services of Ibn Battuta Mall, you can contact the mall management on this number: 043909999 or 043685543.

Hotels near Ibn Battuta in Dubai
The largest shopping center on Sheikh Zayed Road includes the best hotels around it that provide services to visitors at the highest level, so we will get to know these hotels in the following:



Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel
Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel Accommodation
Avani Ibn Battuta Dubai Hotel
Only 300 meters away, visitors are away from Ibn Battuta Mall, one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai that offers distinctive hotel services, reasonable prices, and facilities that serve all visitors. read more.



See near the hotel: Dubai Flower Garden.

Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach
One of the hotels near Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, which provides 5-star services to its visitors, more than 250 rooms equipped with all services to receive visitors, wonderful views of Jumeirah Beach that you look at in the morning

Persia Atrium in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai contains a group of shops,

Persia Atrium in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai contains a group of shops,

and it is not the most wonderful; And specializing in cosmetics with famous brands, we get to know these stores as follows:

Cosmetics stores
Persia Atrium in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai contains a group of shops, and it is not the most wonderful; And specializing in cosmetics with famous brands, we get to know these stores as follows:

Cosmetics stores
Mall cosmetics
Mac: Contact the store management on this number: 044190644.
The Body Shop: The shop’s phone number is: 044218602.
Sephora: Contact the store management on this number: 044257953.
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shoe stores
Are you looking for high quality, form fitting shoes? Your order is available inside the shoe stores in Ibn Battuta Mall, which are among the best and most famous:

Aldo shoes
Aldo shoe store
Aldo: The best place to get a set of luxury accessories is in India Court, and contacting the place’s management is on this number: 0552136090.
Foot Locker: Stylish shoes from Adidas, Nike and many other brands can be found in the India Court, and contact this number: 044190305.
Steve Madden: Classic and athletic shoes can be found in India Court, contact the store management on this number: 0553344651.
Charles & Keith: The famous shoe store is located in Egypt Court, and you can contact the store’s management on this number: 0552136234.
Also visit: Dubai Garden Glow.



Furniture stores
Buy the most luxurious piece of furniture from the international furniture stores located in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, and the best of them are as follows:

Furniture stores
Mall furniture and decor
Home Box: A wide range of home furnishings awaits you inside India Court. You can contact the store management on this number: 045146469.
Homes r Us: The shop is located inside India Court, and contacting them is on this number: 044469820.
Ibn Battuta Mall restaurants
Starbucks Ibn Battuta
Starbucks Ibn Battuta Mall
Enjoy a wonderful taste of your favorite meal inside the most famous restaurants in the mall. Taste dishes that you have not tasted before, especially in different countries. Food and desserts you will find in the following restaurants:



Pizza Express.
Shakespeare & Co.
Baskin Robbins.
Prestige Kunafa.
Egyptian fairy tale.
Find out more restaurants in: Century Mall Dubai.

The most important activities in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai
Shopping and buying products and tools in Ibn Battuta Mall is not the only purpose of its establishment, but rather it contains many recreational activities that you can really enjoy, whether with your children or family, and perhaps among the best recreational activities that you can do are the following:

Novo Cinema
Novo Cinemas Ibn Battuta Mall
Cinema: You can watch the latest exclusive films at Ibn Battuta Cinema, where there is a wide range of films that suit adults and children separately.



Bowling: Have a great time with friends playing bowling.
Arcades: More than one arcade dedicated to children and families, such as Fun City, Stay and Play, Training Center, and more.
Shopping from Carrefour: shopping in the mall does not end with shops and stores only, but you can get more personal and household needs and supplies.