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Tourism in Banska Štivnica


Tourism in Banska Štivnica
Banska Štivnica

The city of Banska Štivnica is located in a privileged location in the center of Slovakia, on the banks of the El Harun River. It is popular with locals and tourists alike, as it is one of the best places to visit in Slovakia.



Banska Štiavnica has many artistic monuments, historical buildings that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Preservation List. Among them are the old and new castles, and the beautiful Golgotha ​​Castle. You can also explore countless historical buildings such as palaces, churches and castles, visit the open-air mining museum, as well as enjoy the very romantic city center, especially in the summer, to find many cafes, restaurants and cafés with wonderful live folklore music.

Tourism in Levocha

The city of Levoca, located in the north-east of the Slovak Republic, is one of the most important and famous historical cities in Slovakia. If you are a fan of Renaissance architecture, we advise you to visit it. Levoca is full of many tourist attractions, such as historical monuments, and beautiful natural monuments.

You can explore many archaeological and historical sites, which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Preservation List. Like visiting the Roman Catholic Church of St. James, famous for having the highest carved wooden altar in Europe. Also don’t forget to go to the Old Town Hall, which has become a museum for those who want to learn more about the city’s history. Moreover, the Iron Cage, which still exists in the plaza under the surprising name “Cage of Shame,” was used to punish criminals. In addition to all of the above, you can relax in the city’s vast green spaces dotted with lush trees and high mountains.



Tourism in Trenčín

Trenchen Hey

A city located in northwest Slovakia, near the border with the Czech Republic. It has the longest river in the Slovak state, the Fao River, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Slovakia.

There are many recreational activities in the city, the most important of which is to explore historical areas such as the beautiful Trenčín Castle, which is located on top of a rock. So also go to the traditional town square, which faces the Baroque buildings and churches, as well as wander the winding streets of the city. You can also enjoy attending the annual music festival. The city is home to wonderful local shops and crafts, where you can buy the most beautiful souvenirs.



Sikhism in Poprad

Poprad is located in northern Slovakia, at the foot of the High Tatras. It is one of the favorite cities for tourists. This is where Poprad is famous as an ideal holiday resort.

Poprad boasts a distinguished group of archaeological, historical and tourist attractions. You can explore its historical center, which is characterized by its Baroque architecture. John’s Church and the Renaissance bell tower, as well as enjoying the thermal waters, spa centers and local saunas. The city also allows you to practice many wonderful recreational activities such as skiing, cruising or cycling in the paths spread throughout the city. You can also go to the entertainment city “Aqua City Poprad”, and enjoy interesting sports, the most important of which is water skiing. It is a beautiful city worth exploring that you never hesitate to visit.

Tourism in Stara Lubovna
Stara Lubovna

Stara Lubovna is a beautiful city located in northeastern Slovakia. It is one of the famous places of tourism in Slovakia, which is visited by tourists from various sides.



Lubovna offers its visitors the pleasure of wandering about the history of the city and life in Slovakia since the 19th century. And see the many houses made of logs, as well as visit the beautiful historical Lubovna Castle. The ambiance of the city is calm and dreamy and well worth a visit.

Tips before traveling to Slovakia
Before traveling to Slovakia for the first time, here are some of the most essential tips, which will help you plan your trip and spend the perfect vacation without any hassles:

religious respect

When visiting churches in Slovakia, you must wear appropriate and uncovered clothing. So that you are not asked to leave the church. Also, do not use cell phones, remain calm, and do not take pictures without being allowed to do so.

Food storage for the holidays

If your vacation is during holidays such as New Year’s, Easter, and Christmas, make sure you store your food long enough. That’s because most stores are closed during these holidays.


Main square in the city of Zilina in central Slovakia. HDR image.


Learn a little Slovak

Learn some basic and welcome phrases in Slovak, so you can communicate with the people of Slovakia in a friendly way.

Do not miss visiting caves and underground springs

Slovakia has about 6000 natural caves, most of which you can find through national parks and the Tatras. It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Slovakia, do not miss visiting and exploring it during your vacation. Slovakia is also famous for its underground springs, which are more than 1,600 springs. Sources of pure and mineral drinking water include hot thermal baths.

Beware arrogant dealings

The Slovak people are humble and simple people, do not try to treat them with arrogance or arrogance. Because you will face an unexpected reaction from them. Also, do not try to show off your possessions or things or talk about yourself too much, as this will make you lose the friendliness in dealing with them. All you have to do is deal with humility and simplicity and you will find them dealing with you with all kindness and humility.

Selling newspapers near the transport station.


Selling newspapers near the transport station.

the train:

Railways are the ideal means of transportation between the main Slovak cities, with comfort and enjoyment of the picturesque scenery, speed and efficiency and an ideal price. You can buy tickets and reserve seats online or at ticket offices at train stations.


Food and drinks in Slovakia

Due to the strategic geographical location of the Slovak Republic, as it is located in the heart of Europe. This has helped diversify its food culture and influence from neighboring countries. However, Slovak food has its own characteristics that distinguish it from others. It is worth noting that Slovak cuisine is full of dairy products, meat, potatoes, dumplings and thick sauces, and cabbage, onions and garlic are staples of Slovak cuisine. Here are some of the most important and popular Slovak foods to try while traveling in Slovakia:

Brindzov Halusky: that is, dumplings cooked with high-quality goat cheese. The national dish of Slovakia, homemade soft cream cheese is served on top of dumplings, sprinkled with chunks of bacon or smoked sausage.




Brindzov Peruhi: It is potato dumplings with brenza cheese, then spread with sour cream on top and pieces of bacon, eaten with a glass of sour lamb’s milk.

Kapustnica: It is a famous traditional cabbage soup, especially at Christmas. Sauerkraut in a creamy base is mixed with boiled potatoes, mushrooms, minced meat, paprika, black pepper and garlic. The soup is served warm and eaten with fresh bread.

Gulashova Polyyevka: It is a very popular soup at sporting events. It consists of beef, onions, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and a mixture of spices.

Fried cheese: It is fried cheese with French fries with tartar sauce. It is served with pickles and is a delicious Slovak dish that is worth a try.



Schnitzel: a thin slice of meat, first ground and then fried with breadcrumbs. It is often served with potato salad that has mayonnaise as a side dish.

Zymyakov Blacky: Potato pancakes are a delicious side dish, crunchy on the outside and very tender on the inside. It is eaten warm with sour cream, yoghurt or caviar.

Funnel cakes: This is a traditional Slovak winter sweet that gives you energy thanks to sugar and cinnamon. In the summer it is eaten with ice cream of different flavors.

Slovak pancakes: Thin crepes with various delicious fillings, such as homemade jam, hazelnut spread, powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Instantly and in local currencies.
Check the insurance and information needed to rent the car by the company.
The best tourist cities in Slovakia
When planning and developing your tourism program in Slovakia, be sure to include the most important and most beautiful tourist cities in Slovakia for your tourism program. Here are 10 of the most important and most beautiful tourist cities in Slovakia that we advise you to visit:


Tourism in Bratislava

Bratislava is the oldest, largest and most famous city in Slovakia. The city is located along the Danube River, and borders both Austria and Hungary. The capital of Slovakia, it is considered one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, and it is one of the top tourist destinations in Slovakia.

Leisure activities in Bratislava are diverse, you can enjoy a trip to the majestic Bratislava Castle, which is perched on a plateau above the city. On top of the parks, open spaces, lush vegetation, and lakes in and around the city. This is in addition to the possibility of riding the tourist train, which allows you to explore the city and its wonderful historical and cultural attractions. As well as attending beautiful festivals such as the annual Bratislava Music Festival and Jazz Festival.



Tourism in Kosice

Kosice is one of the oldest Slovak cities, the main industrial hub and the administrative capital of the eastern region of Slovakia. The city is located along the Hornad River. It was named the European Capital of Culture in 2013, and it is one of the most important and best tourism cities in Slovakia.

Kosice offers tourists the possibility to do many fun activities such as exploring the old town with its magnificent medieval architecture. And many churches, cathedrals built in the Gothic style. As well as going to the eastern Slovak gallery which presents Slovak art and many other activities.

Tourism in Zilina

ilina is the third most populous city in Slovakia, one of the most important centers of international manufacturing, and an important cultural centre. It is one of the important tourist destinations in Slovakia.

In the city of جيلilina, you can enjoy a distinguished range of recreational activities, such as visiting the arched squares that represent the original Slovak designs. This is in addition to exploring the unique architecture, and the houses in cheerful colors. As well as going to many interesting museums and digital theaters in 3D, visiting exclusive shopping centers and buying wonderful souvenirs.


Tourism in Presov

Presov is a regional administrative center located in eastern Slovakia. It is one of the most famous and best tourist cities in Slovakia, and many tourists come to it to explore its beautiful historical and tourist attractions.

Presov enjoys many vast green spaces, pristine landscapes in an unparalleled setting. In addition, it includes many centers of distinctive tourist attractions, such as the old town, amazing castles, and beautiful swimming pools. In addition to the charming Baroque and Gothic architecture. Presov is considered a wealthy city, where there are opal mines, and salt mines that still exist to this day since ancient times.

Tourist visa in SlovakiaWinter season


Winter season (from December to March)

This season is the best time to visit Slovakia, especially for lovers of exciting winter sports. There are many ski resorts around the country, where you can rent skis, and explore the beautiful mountain scenery, which is not accessible by cable car. You will also find many wonderful cafes and restaurants on the mountain.. Don’t miss to go to the Christmas shops, to buy handmade souvenirs. This is in addition to enjoying the Nutcracker performances throughout the month of December, at the Slovak National Theater in Bratislava, where the atmosphere is fun festive.




Spring (April to May):

It is one of the best seasons for tourism in Slovakia, where the climate is mild and the weather is warm. This gives you plenty of fun activities. You can also find out

On the culture, customs and traditions of the population, by attending the many festivals and celebrations, among which is Easter. This is in addition to enjoying the charming landscapes of fields, forests and fruit trees.

The language in Slovakia
The Slovak language is the official language of the Slovak Republic, spoken by more than 80% of the population. The Slovak language is a Slavic language of the broader Indo-European family of languages, spoken in Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Croatia, and Hungary. The State Language Law regulates the use of the Slovak language in the country, with penalties and fines for improper use of the language. There are some other languages ​​spoken by minorities such as Hungarian, Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian, Roma, Russian, German and English.



Tourist visa in Slovakia
Slovakia visa

If you plan to travel to Slovakia in order to spend an enjoyable tourist vacation, you must first obtain a travel visa, and here are the basic requirements for obtaining a visa to travel to Slovakia:

Fill out the visa application form for travel to Slovakia, sign it and pay the fee of about 60 euros.
2 recent personal photos with white background.
A passport valid for at least three months. It contains at least two blank pages.
Recent bank account statement for the last three months.
Work certificate for employees.
Book a round trip ticket to Slovakia.
Book your accommodation in Slovakia.
Health insurance covering the length of your holiday in Slovakia.
The ideal period of tourism in Slovakia
The ideal period of tourism in Slovakia is one to two weeks, to enjoy visiting its beautiful historical and tourist attractions. First, you have to Bratislava, the wonderful Slovak capital, to enjoy watching the ancient monuments, by wandering through its streets, walls and beautiful historical gate. And visit the Bratislava Castle, and the Impressive Primat Palace, which dates back to the 16th century. Then you can go to the National Theater and the Opera House, and do not miss a visit to Slovakia Paradise Park to relax and spend the most enjoyable times. And if you are in winter, you can visit the ski resorts and enjoy winter sports.



Also explore the city of Banska Stavnica, Kosice, Presov, they are all wonderful cities that we recommend you to visit. Enjoy watching the picturesque landscapes of the High Tatras, water parks, lush green forests, lakes and waterfalls, and many more.

How much does tourism cost in Slovakia?
Slovakia is one of the medium-cost tourist destinations in Europe, so you can spend a well-planned and hassle-free holiday, here is the average cost of tourism activities in Slovakia:

The average cost of a tourist per day per person is 101 euros, which is equivalent to (118 US dollars).
The average cost of meals per person per day is 30 euros (35 US dollars). The average meal cost per person is about 12 euros ($16).
The average cost of local transportation per person is 19 EUR (23 USD).
The average cost of transportation between cities in Slovakia is 52 euros (56 US dollars).
The average price for accommodation for one person in Slovakia is 47 euros (51 US dollars). The average cost of hotels for a couple is 93 euros ($109).
The average cost of leisure activities in Slovakia is 18 EUR (22 USD) per person per day. This includes fees paid for admission tickets to museums, attractions, day tours, and other expenses for sightseeing.
Thus, it becomes clear that the cost of tourism to Slovakia for two people during one week is about 1408 euros, which is approximately equivalent to 1647 US dollars.



Transportation and transportation in Slovakia
Slovakia visa

There is extensive and cheap public transport in Slovakia, especially in the big cities. The roads of Slovakia are too well maintained to be ideal for drivers but not so good for cycling. The easiest way to move between the main cities in Slovakia is the railways, and buses to move between smaller villages. The following are the types of transportation in Slovakia:

Air transport (aviation):

Czech Airlines has the only domestic air service between Bratislava and Kosice, although the best way is to take the train.


Mountain biking is ideal in Slovakia, and we advise you to try it. While cycling on Slovak roads is different, because of its danger to cyclists.


There are ferries on the Danube between the Slovak capital Bratislava and Devin Castle. The boat stops for two hours before returning to town, as it is the stand-alone stop for all Danube cruises. It is one of the most beautiful cruises and transportation in Slovakia, we advise you to try it.


There are buses in Slovakia to move between its smaller towns, and some are completely closed during the winter, so be sure to read the schedules carefully to ensure availability.


Slovakia is a very good country for road trips, as its roads are in good condition. And there are stunning views that you can enjoy watching, while driving in short distances.

the cars:

Car rental in Slovakia is available in many cities, including Bratislava, Kosice and Poprad. Double check the rental equipment. I enjoy driving and exploring the most beautiful sights and charming nature.

The official currency of Slovakia Communications and the Internet in Slovakia

The official currency of Slovakia Communications and the Internet in Slovakia

The official currency of Slovakia



The official currency of the Slovak Republic is the Euro. It has been used since 2009 instead of the previous currency (Slovak Koruna).

Communications and the Internet in Slovakia
The means of communication and the Internet vary within Slovakia, where there are four communication networks, and a small number of virtual network operators in the country. Learn the following about the most important communication networks that you can use during tourism in Slovakia:

Orange Slovakia Company:

Orange Slovakia is the largest telecommunications company in the country, and Orange is the main financier and primary provider of broadband Internet using 3G and 4G networks. It is a company with a very high mobile Internet coverage in Slovakia.



O2 Company:

O2 is the third fastest and largest mobile operator in Slovakia. It offers many offers for telecommunications and the Internet to communicate with relatives and friends outside the country with ease and ease.

Slovakia Telecom Company:

Slovakia Telecom is the largest provider of broadband Internet through optical and metallic networks: (VDSL, ADSL, FTTX), and is always the first in inventions, innovations and all that is new in the world of technology in the Slovak telecommunications market . The company provides access to the Internet via a variety of high-speed data transmission technologies such as: (GPRS / EDGE, UMTS FDD / HSDPA / HSUPA, Flash-OFDM and LTE).



Company (by Swan) ka4:

It is the company with the lowest prices in Slovakia, but it also has much lower coverage than the other three companies.

Distance between the most popular cities in Slovakia
Slovakia has many great major tourist cities, and you can easily navigate between these cities to explore. Here are the distances between the most famous cities in Slovakia:

Bratislava to Kosice is about 401 km/249 miles.
From the capital to the city of Presov is about 407 km / 253 miles.
Bratislava to Nitra is about 93 km / 58 miles.
From the capital to the city of جيلilina is about 202 km / 126 miles.
Bratislava to Nitra is about 202 km / 126 miles.
From the capital to the city of Trnava is about 58 km / 36 miles.
Bratislava to Trenčín is about 132 km / 82 miles.
Car rental in Slovakia
Driving in Slovakia is an exciting activity, and allows you to enjoy some of the most amazing landscapes on both sides of the roads. Here are the most important tips you should know when renting a car in Sofia:


Seat belts are mandatory while driving in Slovakia.
It is not allowed to prove alcohol in the blood while driving, otherwise you will be subject to severe penalties.
The minimum driving age is 18 and may vary depending on the vehicle’s performance. Drivers under the age of 25 may be subject to additional fees, and some vehicle classes require a maximum driver limit of 70 years.
A child must be 12 years old to sit in the front seat of the vehicle.
Driving on the right side of the road.
Whoever commits traffic violations will pay fines

Tourism in Slovakia

Tourism in Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, which allows you to spend the perfect tourist vacation. A mountainous country whose main cities are very highly urbanized. As well as its distinguished geographical location, as it is surrounded by five different countries which are Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria and the Czech Republic. Learn through this report on the most important and famous tourist cities in Slovakia, in addition to a set of the most important tips and information that you should know before traveling…


Slovakia is famous for its wonderful national parks, and its many hiking trails that offer the best scenic views. This is in addition to hundreds of caves, some of which are considered UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is the ideal destination, especially for lovers of nature and history. It boasts a variety of fascinating historical attractions such as castles, medieval old towns, and historic villages and towns. In addition to the museums that are located in the open air. In addition to all of the above, Slovakia is the seventh largest car producer in the world. Also, a visit to Slovakia is a unique opportunity to explore the folk customs and traditions of its residents, in addition to fine restaurants that serve delicious cuisine, and many other elements of tourism.



Tourism in Slovakia

Discover tourism in Slovakia
Slovakia allows you to explore untouched traditional villages, mysterious caves, and hidden fairytale castles, all of which are exciting experiences worth trying. In addition to viewing hills and rocky cliffs, majestic snow-capped mountain peaks, glacial still-mirror lakes backed by peaks up to 2,000 meters high, waterfalls, beautiful colorful medieval cities, Gothic buildings, old wooden houses, and unique rock dwellings, it is a paradise for history lovers. Fairy tales and outdoor lovers…
Where is Slovakia located

The Slovak Republic is located in the central region of the continent of Europe, and it is a landlocked country, it is surrounded by land. Slovakia is bordered to the east by Ukraine, to the north by Poland, and to the west by Austria. Hungary is also located along the southern border of the Slovak Republic, and the Czech Republic is along the northwestern edge of Slovakia.


Best time to travel to Slovakia

The climate varies greatly in the Slovak Republic. The country has different temperatures in summer and winter, especially in the mountains. If you visit Slovakia in the summer you will find a warm climate, outdoor festivals, lakes, rivers, swimming pools and more. In the winter, you will find a snowy paradise full of ski resorts, and practice many exciting winter sports such as snowboarding. Each season of the year is characterized by different tourist activities, here are the features of each season to determine the most suitable season for you:

Summer (June to August):

Recreational activities vary during the summer “high season” in Slovakia, where you can enjoy watching the wonderful migrations in the open air, the largest and most famous of which is the “Bohoda Festival”, the largest annual live music event in Slovakia. In addition to hiking, hiking in the rugged paths of the high Tatras, and enjoying the many amazing mountain huts. You can also take part in one of the very popular water sports such as kayaking and rafting. In addition to swimming in outdoor pools, resorts and water slides, enjoying water and water sports are the main tourism activities in Slovakia in the summer season.



Autumn semester (September to November):

Autumn is a great season to visit Slovakia, as September is the month of the grape harvest, as well as many festivals that take place in the autumn season. And enjoy watching the leaves of red, yellow and orange trees fall in a beautiful painting in dense forests, and take long walks. As well as enjoying a bowl of traditional cabbage soup or souvlaki goulash after a long day of hiking.

Local transportation:

Medium-sized cities in Slovakia have bus systems such as trolleybuses, and trams. It generally works from five in the morning until ten thirty in the evening. They are reasonably priced, and you can buy tickets at ticket centers or kiosks



Tourism in Nitra

The city of Nitra is located in the west of the Slovak Republic, northeast of the capital, Bratislava. It is one of the oldest Slovak cities, and is considered an important economic home in the country, and it is one of the beautiful tourist cities that we recommend you visit in Slovakia.

Nitra has many attractions that attract tourists to it, one of the most important is to go to the 16th century Nitra Castle. As well as visiting the Agricultural Museum in Nitra, which includes a variety of agricultural machinery, and learn about the roots of agriculture, ancient and other, as it is the most successful agricultural center in Slovakia. There is also an open-air museum, displaying 19th-century railroads, as well as the city’s many churches and cathedrals.

Tourism in the Maldives and the top 10 destinations for a dream vacation

Tourism in the Maldives and the top 10 destinations for a dream vacation

Tourism in the Maldives is one of the first ideas that come to the minds of lovers for a happy romantic vacation. They are the first islands in the world that are preferred by many for honeymoon trips. How not, the Maldives is an escape from imagination and floating in a world of magic and allure.


But if you think that the islands are only for partner trips, you are wrong. Tourism in the Maldives has a lot of entertaining activities suitable for families as well, starting from swimming trips to diving and windsurfing trips. As well as exploration trips to the amazing Maldivian monuments.


the moldive Islands
Discover tourism in the Maldives
Here is this article that will help you know the top 10 tourist cities in the Maldives. As well as a set of the most important tips, instructions and information, which you must know before traveling to have a successful and enjoyable tourist holiday…


The location of the Maldives on the map
The Republic of Maldives sits in the heart of the waters of the Indian Ocean. And that is specifically in the southwestern part of the continent of Asia. The country consists of a beautiful and also large archipelago of coastal islands that number up to 1200 islands between the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. While it is bordered by India to the south and Sri Lanka to the southwest.

The best time to travel to the Maldives

The Maldives enjoys a location close to the equator and this leads to the dominance of the tropical climate on the archipelago. It is also important to know that the Maldives is also located in the southern part of the globe, and this means that the distribution of seasons over the months is different from what the inhabitants of the northern part of the planet know. Hence, it is worth noting the following:


Summer (November to February): This is the period when the tourist flow towards the Maldives peaks, due to the sunny and warm weather that makes the sea water ideal for swimming trips and for lying on the beach for sunbathing as well.

Autumn (March to May): Sunny weather continues during this period on the Maldivian islands, which means that tourist programs will continue to flow.

Winter (June to August): The weather in the Maldives changes towards humidity and rain in the winter period from June to August. However, this does not mean stopping the tourist groups that continue to flock to the coasts to enjoy trips with more economical prices.

Spring (September to October): The Maldives continues to rain and humid during the spring months. However, this period is ideal for snorkeling and enjoying the wonderful coral reefs.

The language in the Maldives
The people of the Maldives speak the Dhivehi language, which is the official language in the country. However, some Arabic, Hindi and English words are spread on the archipelago islands.


Tourist visa in the Maldives
The Maldives exempts all nationalities from the requirement to obtain a visa to visit it for the purpose of tourism. However, before heading to travel and tourism in the Maldives, there are some necessary conditions, namely:

A valid passport.
Round trip airline tickets to the home country.
A bank statement that proves the financial ability and the amount is estimated at 100 US dollars for each day of stay.
Hotel reservation or $150.
Obtaining a Maldives visa upon arrival at the airport is free of charge and without fees.
It should be noted that the duration of the tourist stay in the Maldives is estimated at 30 days, renewable to a maximum of 90 days upon payment of fees estimated at 750 rupees.



The ideal period for tourism in the Maldives
The ideal duration of tourism in the Maldives is at least one month. The country has more than 1,200 fun and amazing islands with its captivating landscapes, making every moment in the Maldives a real opportunity to live in paradise.

When talking about a period of time for tourism in the Maldives, we must not forget that these beautiful archipelago islands are an excellent destination for a honeymoon. How not, and the serene sea landscape surrounds couples from all sides to give them an unforgettable romantic atmosphere. As well as the spread of hotels and resorts specializing in honeymoon holidays as well.

How much does tourism cost in the Maldives?
Despite the beauty of the Maldives and its natural attractiveness to tourists from all over the world, the expected cost of tourism is not always expensive. Where the costs vary according to the type of trip, the place of residence and the daily expenses for food and drink. It is possible for tourists to control the expense due to the multiplicity of tourist options available to them.



However, the average expected cost of accommodation in the Maldives per night is $188 for two people. On average, the cost of daily meals and drinks is about $100. In short, tourists should expect to spend around 300 USD per day.

Transportation and transportation in the Maldives
Transportation in the Maldives


Move in the Maldives
Navigation in the Maldives is carried out by many ways, including:

Air Taxi: It is one of the most prominent means of transportation in the Maldives and is provided by Trans Maldives Airways to transport tourists from the Maldivian capital, Mali, to the other Maldivian islands.

Public sea ferries: This means provides a sea transportation service between the Maldivian islands at more economic costs. However, it is a general means with specific dates for the departure of flights, which range from 3 to 6 trips per day.



Private Boats: The Maldives also offers tourists a fun opportunity to rent private yachts and boats at greater costs to have fun trips that escape from the world of fantasy.

Food and drinks in the Maldives

The cuisine in the Maldives is very diverse, as the recipes here mix between Indian and Arabic recipes as well. However, the most common food items are seafood seasoned with spices, such as dishes of smoked fish with coconut and onions, fish cooked with chili sauce, as well as fish pie with spices and fish balls as well.

While the traditional drinks on the islands include many types, especially tea and juices such as palm juice. In any case, if you are the type of tourist who prefers a certain type of food, do not worry, as the hotels in the Maldives are ready to offer a variety of varieties of all international cuisines.



The official currency of the Maldives
The Maldivian Rufiyaa is the official currency in the Maldives, and it should be noted that each 0.065 Maldivian Rufiyaa is equivalent to 1 US dollar.

Communications and the Internet in the Maldives
During your holiday in the Maldives, you can communicate with your friends and relatives with ease. This is because the islands have a distinct group of telecommunications companies, the most important of which are:

Dhiraagu: It is the oldest telecom company in the Maldives and this company owns the longest communication cables that extend above the surface of the water.
Ooredoo: It is the Qatari company operating in the Maldives since 2005. These companies provide communication and Internet services and are characterized by their large coverage (3G_4G) to most parts of the country.
Rent a car in the Maldives
It is very convenient to rent a car for transportation during tourism in the Maldives. All it takes is having an international driving license to get your own car during your tours. However, it is not limited to renting cars, it is also possible to rent luxury yachts and touring romantic trips in the view of the Indian Ocean.



The best tourist cities in the Maldives
The Maldives includes many tourist options ideal for a fun holiday. In front of the Maldivian charm, visitors may be confused about the most beautiful tourist cities. Here are the top 10 tourist cities in the Maldives for a dream vacation…

Tourism in Male
The financial city is considered one of the best tourism destinations on the surface of the globe. How not, which is the capital of the Maldives and its most ancient city. In Mali there are many Maldivian heritage and culture sites such as the Presidential Palace, Sultan Park, National Museum, Hukuru Misky or the Friday Mosque. In addition to recreational activities centers such as malls, markets and high-end restaurants as well.

Although the city’s small area as a capital does not exceed 6 square kilometers, this makes it among the five smallest capitals in the world. However, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. This is undoubtedly due to the picturesque nature, which is surrounded by calm blue seas everywhere. Tourism in Mali provides many romantic trips via ferries, which frequently go to the islands of Hulhuli and Hulhumale, in addition to other islands. Which provides a lot of stunning views of the beauty of the Indian Ocean.



Read more: The best places to stay in Mali

Tourism in Fuvahmulah
Fuvahmulah is located at the southernmost tip of the Maldives archipelago and is the country’s largest island. The city is distinguished by its irresistible natural beauty. In Fuvahmulah, the golden sands of the beach blend with green tree leaves and blue sea water in a fantasy scene that everyone loves.

Based on the above, Fuvahmulah is ideal for people who want to dive into a world full of activities. And also for those who just want to relax on the beach to sunbathe and enjoy the scenery. Foodies are also lucky to visit Fuvahmulah as it is famous for its delicious seafood-dominated cooking. There is nothing tastier than a plate of grilled fish in Fuvahmula.


Tourism in Hulhumale
Hulhumale is located just south of the northern Male Atoll and close to the island’s international airport. This makes it an ideal hiking destination after arriving in the Maldives, especially as the city is linked by a direct land bridge to the airport island.

However, what makes Hulhumale completely different from many other Maldivian islands is the fact that it is an artificial island city. Although the purpose of the island was to reduce congestion in the capital, Mali, the result was a beautiful and amazing green island for tourists. In short, a visit to Hulhumale will give tourists a pleasant trip amidst the palm trees and picturesque beaches with the perfect blend of magnificent architecture.



Tourism in Maafushi
Maafushi City is located in the Kaafu Atoll, 26 km from the capital, Mali. The city is characterized by a large area as it is a large island compared to the rest of the islands in the coral archipelago. Thus, Maafushi includes a comprehensive tourist area with 3 wonderful beaches, the bikini beach, the public beach and the water sports beach.

Maafushi receives large numbers of C

I live on a daily basis. For this purpose, there are a lot of comfortable and affordable guesthouses and hostels here. The city also features many historical monuments, diving areas, as well as restaurants. In short, Maafushi Island invites you to embark on a varied journey of fun activities.


Tourism in Navarre
Navarro is one of the most famous and beautiful towns in the Lhaviyani Atoll. Naivaru is famous for being the home of the famous and talented singer Naivaru Dohoku. As well as its charming and calm marine atmosphere, it is a fishing village since ancient times.

In short, in Navarro, you will have the opportunity to practice water sports on the charming beaches. Then you will have a delicious meal of fresh seafood, as the people of the island are adept at it since ancient times.

Tourism in Dhidhdhoo
Being the capital of Haa Alif Atoll, Dhidhdhoo is the only island equipped with everything visitors need from urban centers such as grocery stores, mini markets, restaurants and bars as well as a bank with ATMs.

However, the most beautiful thing about Dhidhdoo is the enchanting blue ocean waters as well as the livestock. In other words, the waters around Dhidhdhoo are filled with a group of dolphins dancing in front of the boat. This greatly attracts tourists to watch the friendly dolphins during their fun boat trips.


Tourism in Cocoa Island
If you are looking for a natural trip par excellence during tourism in the Maldives, there is nothing more beautiful than heading towards Cocoa Island. In short, here you will get the ambiance of the pristine Maldivian nature without any pollution. Everything here is very natural especially the food and drink which will give you a wonderful healthy trip.

The tourist city consists of a group of Maldivian Dhoni buildings that float on the surface of the water in a charming atmosphere. This means that tourists are on a date with water sports from swimming and diving trips to relaxing amid the coral reefs and the clear white sand.


Tourism in Alimata
If you are looking for the most tranquil Maldivian cities, head towards Alemata, the Maldivian island with an Italian flavor. Alimata is located 1 km east of Filide Atoll and this area is famous for its beautiful beaches, pleasant residents and fun activities.

In other words, the limata is surrounded by ocean waters rich in marbel and sharks as well. This is what prompts many tourists to go to the island to explore the atmosphere and participate in diving and swimming trips. Alimata also includes the famous Villaggio Club, which organizes a lot of entertainment activities for young and old. While the Italian market is adding new promenade options for tourists.



Tourism in Rashid
Rashidou, located in the west of the Maldivian capital, Mali, is known for its wide popularity, which has allowed it to be at the forefront of the islands scene that is worth visiting in the Maldives. In Rashidou, the most important diving sites in the Maldives as a whole, most notably the Manta ray site. Here, visitors can enjoy the most beautiful marine species such as goblin fish, sharks and sea turtles as well.

In any case, the tourist opportunities in Rashidun are not only limited to diving but also include amazing fishing experiences. Especially at sunrise or sunset times when tourists can hunt for their own food.


Tourism in Thoddoo
If you think that tourism in the Maldives is limited to water activities only, you are really wrong. How about you try tourism in Thoddoo and you will change your mind without a doubt. Although swimming, diving and surfing activities are also widespread in Thoddoo, this does not reflect the whole picture.

Thoddoo also has many orchards and farmland rich in tropical Asian fruits. This gives visitors great opportunities to taste the most delicious and delicious fruits while on an entertaining bike ride.

Tips before traveling to the Maldives
The Maldives has plenty of natural charm and beauty as well as tranquility and romance up their sleeve. However, visiting the Maldivian islands is accompanied by some information that visitors should know before traveling for an enjoyable and beautiful trip. What are the most important tips and guidelines that a tourist should take into account before heading to the Maldives?



Don’t spend your time on one island
The Maldives is so rich in beautiful landscapes that every city controls an entire island with a dazzling tourist resort. Therefore, most tourists stay on their vacations on the same island. Therefore, do not repeat the same mistake and take a trip to explore the other Maldivian islands and you will be really impressed.

Don’t forget to learn about the Maldivian culture
Although the Maldives is widely known for beach tourism, reducing the country’s tourism trip to water only misses the opportunity for the tourist to learn about the islands’ amazing culture. So, make sure to explore some of the local culture on your trip and you won’t regret it.



Put sunscreen in your bag
The Maldives has a geographical location close to the equator, which means that the sun’s rays here are very strong. Therefore, it is necessary for the tourist to carry a waterproof sunscreen with him in order to put it on his body regularly to protect himself from sunburn during the trip.

Pay attention to the different seasons between the two hemispheres
The Maldives is located in the southern hemisphere on the surface of the Earth, which means the reversal of seasons from what is common in the northern hemisphere. If you are a resident of the northern half of the planet, keep in mind that your trip to the Maldives will take you to another chapter.

Tourism in Sweden and the top 10 recommended tourist cities to visit

Tourism in Sweden and the top 10 recommended tourist cities to visit

Tourism in Sweden is characterized by outstanding natural beauty, it is very interesting to get here on a tour of the beautiful coast or green forests. Added to the natural charm is the rich historical legacy of many delightful winding alleys, castles and ancient churches. While the trip also includes a tour of the delightful museums spread between bold modern architecture and magnificent classical buildings.


Tourist activities in Sweden are not limited to the above, but one of the most beautiful of them is to take a walk in cafes and restaurants that offer the most delicious items. With
Great nightlife options. In short, a tourism trip in Sweden seamlessly blends the authenticity of history, nature and modernity together, making it one of the ideal destinations to enjoy your time.

Discover tourism in Sweden
Here is this article that will help you know the top 10 tourist cities in Sweden. As well as a set of the most important tips, instructions and information, which you must know before traveling to have a successful and enjoyable tourist holiday…



Sweden map
The Kingdom of Sweden is located in the northern part of the European continent, making it one of the countries located in the Scandinavian Peninsula. While a section of the country extends to the north of the Arctic Circle.

Sweden has many maritime borders in it overlooking the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia to the south and east. While it is bordered by Kattegat and Skagerrak straits to the west and south. The land border between Sweden and neighboring countries is also wide, as it includes the border with Finland to the east. Norway to the northwest and Denmark to the southwest through a tunnel through the Øresund Strait.


The best time to travel to Sweden
Tourism in Sweden enjoys indescribable pleasure due to the many natural sea views that the Scandinavian cities enjoy. But it is necessary for tourists to know the ideal time to visit the lands of the northern peninsula, depending on the climatic conditions, so as not to disturb their trip. In this regard, Sweden has a cold and harsh winter with snow, especially in its northern parts close to the Antarctic. While summer days are longer and milder in climate. It is new to note that:



Summer (from July to August): The peak season for tourism programs influx of Sweden to enjoy the warm and sunny beaches and to go on excursions in the open air. As well as enjoying fun astronomical phenomena such as the continuation of the sun until the late hours of the night.

Spring (April to May): Spring is a great time to visit Sweden because of the lower travel costs compared to summer days, while maintaining warm weather and 13 hours of daylight. As well as enjoying the spring flowers and green landscapes.

Autumn (September to October): Autumn is another time to have a fun trip to Sweden at a lower cost. As for the weather, autumn is often rainy in Sweden. While in the northern regions of the country, snow seasons also begin, specifically in mid-October.

Winter season (November to March): Winter in Sweden is an ideal opportunity for lovers of winter sports, especially skiing. The snowy weather is pleasant and the country has 200 ski resorts. But you should prepare yourself for the long nights too.



The language in Sweden
Swedish is the official language in the Kingdom of Sweden. However, many other languages ​​are spread in the streets of Sweden, including English, French, Arabic and Polish as well.

Sweden Tourist Visa
Before heading to travel and tourism in Sweden, there are some conditions necessary to obtain a visa, which are:

Request a site from the tourist to obtain a Swedish visa.
A passport valid for at least 3 months.
Two recent photographs, with a white background.
Health insurance covering the period of tourism in Sweden, at least 30 thousand euros.
Reservation of round trip airline tickets.
Provide a bank account that proves the ability to spend while traveling to Sweden of at least 48 euros per day.
hotel reservation.
Pay the visa fee of 80 euros.
The ideal period for tourism in Sweden
Sweden’s tourism program has many entertaining activities, whether it’s summer or winter. Sweden has plenty of fun at every moment, from water sports on sunny beaches to trips to ancient castles and churches. Given the large number of tourist attractions in the country, the question arises: What is the ideal period for an integrated tourist trip in Sweden?



Perhaps the answer to the previous question differs from one person to another according to the time available to him and his economic budget. However, it is better not to leave Sweden in less than two weeks initially, with the possibility of extending the trip to a month as well.

How much does tourism cost in Sweden?
It is necessary for tourists to know the amount of material costs to be expected in order to properly plan their tourist trip. Although


The cost of tourism in Sweden varies from one person to another, depending on the choice of hotels and the different daily expenses of food, drink and picnics.

However, preliminary estimates indicate spending at least 11,211 Swedish crowns, or about 137 US dollars, per day. If you plan to spend a two-week tourist trip with a partner, it is expected that the cost will be equivalent to 16950 Swedish crowns, or about 1924 US dollars.



Transportation and transportation in Sweden
Means of transportation in Sweden
Means of transportation in Sweden
There are many ways to move around in Sweden, including:

Trains and the subway: It is one of the most common means of transportation in Sweden. The railways serve all Swedish cities and transport between them as well.

Buses: They are also public transport in Sweden. Buses operate in Swedish cities at specific times and with certain stops as well.

Taking a taxi: It is also possible to move around in Sweden with ease when taking private taxis, but with additional costs.



Food and drinks in Sweden

food in sweden
The traditional dishes in Sweden add an additional distinctive touch to the beauty of tourism trips in the Scandinavian kingdom. The restaurants in the country are famous for serving delicious seafood, especially fish of various kinds, as well as Köttbullar meatballs and Surströmming fish dishes.

Sweden is also famous for its Raggmunk pie made of fried potatoes. While the country is famous for its cinnamon buns, which are served with hot tea. In short, visitors to Sweden will have a unique and unforgettable dining experience.



Sweden’s official currency

The Swedish Krona is the official currency of the Kingdom of Sweden. It may be useful to know that 1 SEK equals 0.12 USD.

Communications and the Internet in Sweden
During your tourist holiday in Sweden, you can communicate with your friends and relatives with ease and ease. This is because Sweden has a distinguished group of telecommunications companies, the most important of which are:

Telia: Sweden’s highest-earning telecommunications company with high-speed Internet and connection services.
Telenor: It is the second telecom company in Sweden with good internet coverage.
Tele2: Tele2 is a leading telecommunications company in the Kingdom of Sweden, providing its users with mobile phone and internet services.
This diversity allows you to choose what suits you to communicate with your family and friends.



The distance between the most popular cities in Sweden
From Stockholm to Gothenburg 471 km.
The distance between Helsingborg and Malmö is 65 km.
From Uppsala to Visby 280 km.
The distance between Lund and Umea is 1233 km.
From Stockholm to Lund 604 km.
Rent a car in Sweden
Renting a car during a tourism trip in Sweden is one of the best options that a tourist may have for a comfortable vacation. All that is required is to choose the right car from one of the rental agencies with ease on their websites and then conclude the rental contract.

This is done by presenting the international driver’s license along with the passport and insurance certificate as well. In any case, it is necessary to follow the legal rules regarding driving to avoid any infractions. As for the cost, it is estimated on average about 500 US dollars.

The best tourist cities in Sweden
Sweden is famous for its charming natural beauty and historical authenticity, and this is what its cities clearly reflect. But what are the best Swedish cities worth visiting? Here are 10 great options.


Tourism in Stockholm
Stockholm, the Swedish capital and floating city on the water, is one of the most beautiful tourism options in Sweden. It is easy to see why, as the city is a wonderful blend of both modern and traditional architecture. In Stockholm, tourists are happy to take a trip through the old town, the beautiful cathedrals, the grandiose palace, as well as the winding cobbled streets surrounded by water from every direction.

While the modern design of the city contributes to its attractiveness. It reflects its natural beauty everywhere the eye looks. Whether it’s in cafes, bars and restaurants or in Stockholm’s own buildings, museums and homes are great too. While the nightlife atmosphere and menus rich in delicious fish and seafood add to the tourist attraction of Stockholm.



Read more: Best places to stay in Stockholm

Tourism in Gothenburg
The coastal city of Gothenburg is a nice relaxing city to visit. In Gothenburg, the sea completely dominates the tourist scene, and there is nothing more beautiful than walking along the city’s waterfront.
It is where many amazing 17th century aqueducts intersect. As well as watching the ships next to the port and visiting museums related to sailors as well.

Gothenburg has beautiful architecture and a fresh and vibrant atmosphere with lots of different events and festivals taking place throughout the year. While the youthful atmosphere of the city increases with plenty of bustling bars and cafes, luxurious shopping options as well as delicious food filled with fish.


Tourism in Malmö
Malmö is one of Sweden’s most multicultural cities. More than 150 different nationalities live in the city, which gives Malmö a special character with an optimistic outlook and always welcoming visitors. Malmö’s cultural diversity is due to its border location with Copenhagen in Germany across the Baltic Sea.

This is clearly reflected in the wonderful markets as well as the surprisingly diverse range of cuisines as well. The interesting architecture, the old city castle, its beautiful squares and the modern waterfront give tourists additional opportunities of fun.



Dublin Ireland hotels and best places

Dublin Ireland hotels and best places

Dublin has a variety of accommodations that differ in their location, classification and rating, and we will highlight the best Dublin hotels that have highly rated by previous visitors due to their great locations, excellent services, and amenities and luxury for the convenience of their guests.


Tourism in Dublin is characterized by the presence of many wonderful places that do not miss visiting during your trip to the city, the most important of which are Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo, Irish Rock and Roll Museum, National Museum of Ireland, Irish Immigration Museum “EPIC”, and many other different points of interest and attractions to the guests.

Dublin’s best hotels
We will now present to you a list of the 10 best hotels in Dublin.



Article content [hide]

Hotel Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin
Jurys Inn Parnell Street Dublin
Gibson Hotel
Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge
Clayton Cardiff Lane Hotel
Maldron Kevin Street Hotel
The Marker Hotel – A Leading Hotel of the World
The Fitzwilliam Hotel
Holiday Inn Express Dublin City Center
Arlington O’Connell Bridge Hotel
Hotel Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin

Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels
One of Dublin’s best 4-star hotels, Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin enjoys a superb location in a historic building in the heart of the city centre, just 5 minutes’ walk from Connolly Train Station and 2.5 km from the harbour.


Points of interest and attractions close to the property include Arena 3, which is approximately 1.6 km away, River Liffey, Temple Bar and various shopping areas just a few minutes’ walk away.

The hotel is located approximately 10 km from Dublin Airport, which is the closest airport to the property.

The hotel provides a good fitness center that contains a variety of excellent quality sports equipment, in order to maintain fitness and fitness during the stay inside the hotel, and others.

The hotel has an overall rating of 8.4 based on price, location and cleanliness, read more.



Jurys Inn Parnell Street Dublin
Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels
Jurys Inn Parnell Street Dublin is one of the famous hotels located in Dublin. Only ten minutes walk, and Temple Bar about five minutes walk.

The hotel is located approximately 9.6 km from Dublin Airport, which is the nearest airport to the property, which can be reached through the bus station on O’Connell Street.

The hotel offers an excellent restaurant, famous for serving a sumptuous breakfast to guests every morning at the property.

The hotel has an overall rating of 8.1 based on price, location and cleanliness, read more.


Gibson Hotel
Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels
The Gibson Hotel is one of Dublin’s four-star hotels, with a great location in the city; It is located very close to the various attractions and attractions for guests, the most important of which are the Dublin Convention Center, which is only a 5-minute walk away, the 3 Arena, which is right next to the hotel, and others.

The hotel is only about fifteen minutes away by car from Dublin Airport, which is the nearest airport to the property, which can be reached via the Harbor Tunnel Road, or by taking the Irkutsch bus outside Arena 3 which gives direct access to the airport.

The hotel offers Coda Eatery, which is famous for serving delicious dishes in a casual setting, and a gym that is open all week long, 24 hours a day to keep in shape.

The hotel has an overall rating of 8.6 based on price, location and cleanliness, read more.



Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge
Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels
Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge is a stylish 4-star Dublin hotel with a great location, very close to city buses, only 5 minutes’ walk and 5 minutes’ walk from Sandymount DART Station Just a few steps away from the city center.

The hotel is located approximately 5 minutes’ drive from St. Vincent’s Hospital, 10 minutes’ drive from Black Rock Clinic, and approximately 1.6 km from Aviva Stadium, Bord Gais Energy Theater and the Grand Canal.

The hotel offers an excellent restaurant that serves the favorite dishes of the guests according to their desires, with a currency exchange service for foreign guests, and many other different services.



The hotel has an overall rating of 8.4 based on price, location and cleanliness, read more.

Clayton Cardiff Lane Hotel
Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels
Clayton Cardiff Lane is Dublin’s best 4-star hotel in a prime riverside location, just 10 minutes’ walk from Arena 3, Pierce Street Train Station also 10 minutes’ walks, and lively Grafton Street Lively only about 20 minutes walk.

The hotel offers an excellent swimming pool with a length of about 22 meters for lovers of swimming, sitting and relaxing on the facilities designated for sunbathing and recreation, and an integrated health club that contains a wellness and spa center for saunas, massages, beauty treatments and occupational health at the hands of specialists with an excellent fitness center that contains a huge amount Of the distinctive sports equipment, the most important of which is a weight and height measurement device, a treadmill, a treadmill, a bicycle and others.

The hotel got a review

m General 8.2 According to reviews for price, location and cleanliness, read more.



Maldron Kevin Street Hotel
Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels
Maldron Kevin Street Hotel is one of the wonderful hotels located in Dublin. It is classified as a four-star hotel. It enjoys a great location in the heart of Dublin, facilitating access to many different attractions, the most important of which is St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is only about 5 minutes away from the hotel. .

The hotel is located approximately 10 km from Dublin Airport, which is the closest airport to the property.

The hotel offers the Grain and Grill Restaurant, which is famous for serving the finest international dishes. It also offers many different options for breakfast; Where guests can choose from a range of fresh fruits, cereals, healthy legumes, juices, eggs, traditional grilled breakfast items and much more.

The hotel has an overall rating of 8.6 based on price, location and cleanliness, read more.



The Marker Hotel – A Leading Hotel of the World
Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels
The Marker – A Leading Hotel of the World is Dublin’s best 5-star hotel, in an excellent location in the heart of the cultural and business district, only about 20 minutes’ walk from the city centre.

The hotel serves a deluxe breakfast for guests every morning at the property, and a wonderful sun terrace.

The hotel offers one swimming pool for swimming and recreation lovers on the designated seats, which are elegantly spread in front of the pool, a wellness center and a spa for pampering and caring for the body, a modern fitness center and many other facilities and various amenities and entertainment that the hotel offers to its guests.

The hotel has an overall rating of 9.2 based on price, location and cleanliness, read more.

The Fitzwilliam Hotel
Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels
The Fitzwilliam Hotel is a distinctive five-star hotel in Dublin, with an excellent city center location, just 5 minutes’ walk from both Temple Bar and Trinity College, and from the Houston train station. About 2.4 km.

The hotel is located approximately 9.6 km from Dublin Airport, which is the closest airport to the property.

The hotel offers the Glovers Alley Restaurant, which is famous for serving delicious dishes with French flavours with an à la carte menu, an exercise gym and more.

The hotel has an overall rating of 8.8 based on price, location and cleanliness, read more.

Holiday Inn Express Dublin City Center
Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels
The Holiday Inn Express Dublin City Center is a 3-star Dublin hotel with an excellent city location on O’Connell Street, approximately 8 km from Dublin Airport, the nearest airport to the property.

Points of interest and attractions close to the property include Temple Bar, which is only about 800 meters away, Trinity College, which is only about 900 meters, Dublin Castle, which is about 1.8 km away, Guinness Stores at about 3.2 km, among others. .

The hotel offers many different services, the most important of which is the ATM service for those who need more cash.

The hotel has an overall rating of 8.8 based on price, location and cleanliness, read more.



Arlington O’Connell Bridge Hotel
Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels
The Arlington O’Connell Bridge Hotel is a distinctive 3-star hotel in Dublin, with an excellent location in the heart of the city, very close to both Grafton Street and Temple Bar, only a few minutes’ walk away.

The hotel is located approximately 10 km from Dublin Airport, which is the closest airport to the property.

The hotel provides excellent hotel services, the most important of which is room service 24 hours a day, under the supervision of a specialized and trained team to carry out such work with great skill and skill.

Tourism in Lithuania and the top 10 tourist destinations for an unforgettable trip

Tourism in Lithuania and the top 10 tourist destinations for an unforgettable trip

Tourism in Lithuania has become one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the continent of Europe. It attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, due to its beautiful landscapes and beaches. It is a coastal country overlooking the Baltic Sea, and the wonderful Lake Curcio, which is separated from the sea coast by a narrow strip, in addition to its mild climate, which allows them to spend the most enjoyable tourist holidays.



Lithuania has historical and archaeological sites dating back to the Soviet era. In addition to a distinctive group of UNESCO World Heritage sites. It also allows you a lot of tourist and recreational activities such as enjoying the beaches and lakes, walking in the soft white sand dunes, amid the bright lights of the sun, practicing water activities and renting boats, and wandering the cobbled streets full of wonderful restaurants, cafes and cafes.

Tourism in Lithuania

Discover tourism in Lithuania
The Republic of Lithuania is one of the three famous Baltic states, which has ideal temperatures for tourism. This made tourism in Lithuania a distinctive tourist destination in the continent of Europe. Here is the most important information about Lithuania, its best tourist cities and pre-travel tips, so that you can plan well for your vacation.



Where is Lithuania located?

The Republic of Lithuania is located in eastern Europe, along the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is bordered on the south by Russia and Poland, and on the north by Latvia.

On the east, it is bordered by Belarus, on the southeast it is bordered by Belarus, and on the west by the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad Region.

Best time to travel to Lithuania

The best time to visit Lithuania depends on what activities you plan to do, and your preferred climate. Here is a breakdown of the seasons of the year in Lithuania and the most important activities that you can do during them:

Winter season (from December to February):
Winter in Lithuania is characterized by being very cold, the temperature almost drops below zero degrees Celsius. Despite this, Lithuania has a lot to offer to visitors, especially at Christmas and Christmas, when the streets are filled with lights and beautiful lights.

You can also enjoy a distinguished group of recreational activities such as: skiing in the tops of Lipkalnis, going to health and spa resorts, visiting the museums of the Lithuanian capital, the Museum of Optical Illusions, which is a unique experience, as well as snow parks, and many more. The winter season is one of the low seasons for tourism in Lithuania, so you can take advantage of that, as the costs of flights and hotels are low.



Spring (March to May):
Spring is characterized by its relatively warm climate, as well as its low costs that allow you to enjoy an ideal tourist trip at an affordable cost. You can explore the country, wander its streets and see its beautiful landscapes, its national parks, historical and cultural monuments, and upscale restaurants and cafes. All in the midst of a dreamy springtime.

Summer (June to August):
This season is the peak season for tourism in Lithuania, as Lithuania has a mild climate, and high heat that attracts tourists to go to the wonderful beaches and lakes, to practice summer sports and exciting outdoor adventures. It is one of the best times to visit in Lithuania, for lovers of summer activities.

Autumn semester (September to November):
At that time the country enjoys warmth and wonderful landscapes, where autumn foliage hues gradient between golden yellow, red and orange. It also allows tourists to enjoy all outdoor recreational activities, explore the country and its landmarks, and take wonderful souvenir photos.



The language in Lithuania
Lithuanian is the eastern Baltic language most closely related to Latvian, and it is the official primary language spoken in the Republic of Lithuania. Several sub-languages ​​are also found in Lithuania, including Polish, Russian, and English, which are mainly spoken in the country’s prominent tourist sites.

Tourist visa in Lithuania

It is necessary to obtain a travel visa to Lithuania, when deciding to travel to Lithuania. In order to obtain a tourist visa, there are many necessary conditions and requirements, the most important of which are:

Apply for a visa to travel to the Republic of Lithuania, fill it out and sign it.
A passport valid for at least three months before the start of your trip in Lithuania, copies of the passport, and making sure that there are at least two blank pages in the passport.
Two recent passport size photographs with a white background.
A health insurance policy of €30,000, valid in all Schengen countries. If the visa is refused, the price of the policy will be refunded.


Round trip flight ticket reservation, hotel reservation

List for the duration of your trip in Lithuania.
An up-to-date bank statement, to ensure you are able to spend during your holiday in Lithuania.
Proof of civil and professional status, if any, with proof of the monthly salary and the employer’s signature on the leave.
The ideal period of tourism in Lithuania
The ideal duration of tourism in Lithuania is from five days to a week. Which is enough time to explore the most important and most beautiful historical and tourist attractions, and the scenic landscapes in the country.

You can start with the Lithuanian capital “Vilnius”, which is filled with many wonderful tourist attractions, to spend two to three days. A period that allows you to go to the museums, the UNESCO-listed Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, churches and monasteries, the Central Market Hall, as well as the quiet Bernardine Garden to relax and harmonize in the lap of nature.



You can also go to the idyllic island castle Trakai, which is located on an island in the lake, and is very popular with tourists, for its fantastic views. And don’t miss out on trying cafes and restaurants, visiting cathedrals and churches. After completing the exploration of Vilnius, you can explore the Lithuanian countryside outside the capital.

Then you can explore the old town of Kaunas, the Devil’s Museum, Liberty Street, the Palace of the Dukes, as well as the possibility to attend the many fun festivals and beach races for which Lithuania is famous.

How much does tourism cost in Lithuania?
In order to spend a pleasant tourist holiday in Lithuania, you should plan well and know the cost of your holiday. Here are the average prices for services and activities in the ideal Lithuania:



The average daily expenditure in Lithuania per capita is about 74 Euros or 87 US dollars.
Food per day per person about 29 EUR or 34 USD.
The average price for one meal per person is 12 EUR or 25 USD.
Leisure activities in Lithuania per person per day are about 11 euros.
The average price of a hotel in Lithuania for a couple is about 67 euros, or 79 dollars.
Prices for local transportation are 9.35 EUR or 11 USD.
The average tip price in Lithuania per day is €1.03.
The average price of a trip in Lithuania for two people during one week is 1030 euros, or 1217 US dollars.
Transportation and transportation in Lithuania
Transportation in Lithuania

Lithuanian roads are considered among the best in Eastern Europe, as they do not have a distinguished network of motorways and public transport. All roads are free to use, and car rental is easily available at the airports. The most important types of transportation in the Republic of Lithuania are:



Public transportation between cities in Lithuania is cheap, but rather slow. You can buy bus tickets in advance at the bus stops. In a popular way in Lithuania.

Lithuanian railways are not of the same quality as those in Western Europe. It is usually faster and more comfortable than traveling by bus. It is easy to use, as it has methods, prices and times translated in English.

The bicycle is a great means of transportation in Lithuania, and it is in great demand in the summer, especially in rural areas with comfortable flat roads. Bicycle rental services are available throughout major cities and coastal villages. It gives you enjoyment of scenic views. There are plenty of parking spaces for bikes, and some buses have free bike racks, as well as ferries. It is one of the best means of transportation during tourism in Lithuania.

Car Rental:
Driving in Lithuania is easy, and it is available all over the major cities in Lithuania, and the roads are good.

Lithuania boasts an extensive network of open public aviation airports, and has three passenger airports, but no domestic flights.

Food and drinks in Lithuania

Lithuanian food is something to try, as Lithuanian cuisine is known for its delicious taste and healthy dishes. This is where Lithuanian dishes rely heavily on root vegetables such as potatoes and beets, meat and dairy, all of which are adapted to the cold weather conditions in Lithuania. Here are the most important and delicious Lithuanian dishes that we advise you to try:



Sibelinae (Zeppelins):
It is the Lithuanian national dish, and consists of large dumplings made from a mixture of potato dough stuffed with meat and covered in sour cream and bacon sauce.

Boroclich Seropa:
It is a warm beetroot soup, made of beetroot, onions, celery and carrots mixed with meat broth and seasoned with salt, pepper and dill, distinguished by its delicious red color.

Capta Donna:
It is dark Lithuanian rye bread fried in oil, seasoned with garlic and salt, and served with a cheese sauce.

It is a cold beet soup with boiled eggs, yogurt and boiled potatoes, and is famous for its light pink color.

Potato pancakes:
It is a simple dish consisting of shredded potatoes, onions and eggs scrambled together and fried in oil. It is served with dill, green onions and sour cream.

Gribokai (mushroom biscuits):
It is a delicious little crumb flavored with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cardamom, and shaped like mushrooms.

There are also many traditional Lithuanian drinks, including:

It is a non-alcoholic drink made from rye bread.

Med syrup:
Another non-alcoholic Lithuanian drink, kiselios, is usually made from cranberries, starch, and sugar.

It is a cold fruit tea. In addition to juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

The official currency of Lithuania

The euro is the official currency of the Republic of Lithuania

Wanya, represented by the symbol (€).



Communications and the Internet in Lithuania
Lithuania has a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure and has the largest ICT industry in the Baltic states. It has witnessed rapid development and growth to become one of the most innovative technology leaders in the world. The following are the most important and best telecommunication companies in Lithuania:

It is one of the most important telecommunications companies in Lithuania, providing mobile and fixed-line services, data transmission, Internet services, and many special offers to millions of customers in many countries.

It was the first private telecommunications company in Lithuania, and one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Baltic states. It is also one of the first companies to introduce packet data transmission technology (GPRS) in its network within the European continent. It is also the first company to launch 3G services, which was followed by high speed Internet and advanced mobile services. It was renamed in 2017 as “Tilia”.

Distance between the most popular cities in Lithuania
Getting around the beautiful Lithuanian cities requires you to know the distance between them. Here is the distance between the most famous tourist cities in Lithuania:



Klaipeda to Palanga is 18.01 miles.
Vilnius to Kaunas 92 km.
Klaipeda to Siauliai 139 km.
Kaunas to Toraki 110 km.
Klaipeda to Toraki 90 km.
Siauliai to Toraki 99 km.
Kaunas to Druskininkai 139 km.
Vilnius to Druskininkai 131 km.
Siauliai to Vilnius 217 km.
Rent a car in Lithuania
Self-driving in the Republic of Lithuania is very easy and fun, to explore the country absolutely freely. In order for you to be allowed to rent a car in Lithuania, it requires you to abide by a set of restrictions and conditions, the most important of which are:

You must be at least 18 years old.
You must have a valid full driving license and in a restricted status.
Carry your ID or passport while driving in Lithuania.
Obtaining a registration and insurance card with sufficient funds.
Driving in Lithuania is on the right side of the road.
Prohibit the use of a mobile phone while driving, with the exception of free speech.
Dim headlights at all times during daylight hours in Lithuania.
Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers and drivers.
Many charges are levied in Lithuania for cars carrying 8 or more passengers.
All gas stations in Lithuania are open from eight in the morning until eight in the evening.
Park your car in the suburbs as finding a parking space is complicated in Lithuania.
The best tourist cities in Lithuania
Lithuania has become one of the wonderful tourist destinations in Europe after experiencing many growth spurs and cultural and social changes since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1990 AD. Here are the top 10 tourist cities that we advise you to visit in Lithuania…

Tourism in Vilnius

In the heart of Europe, lively Vilnius is the capital and largest city of Lithuania. Vilnius is located in the eastern part of Lithuania, and is the second largest city in the Baltic states. It is a very cosmopolitan, modern and modern city, and this attracts many thousands of tourists.

Vilnius offers you many interesting activities, such as exploring its Gothic and Baroque architectural styles, which made it one of the best cities for charming photographs. Moreover, the medieval ruins, wandering the city’s stone cobblestone streets, and seeing the ancient buildings. As well as cathedrals and churches, restaurants and luxury hotels, high-end cafes and cafes, theme parks, gardens and many other tourist attractions.

Tourism in Kaunas

Kaunas is located in the heart of Lithuania, at the confluence of the Neris and Nemunas rivers. It is the second largest city in Lithuania, and this distinctive location made it one of the most prominent tourist cities in Lithuania. Kaunas has many tourist attractions, such as the unique architecture of its old city, and its green gardens. In addition to its many museums, amounting to 40 museums, and its theaters that offer the finest artistic performances.

This is in addition to festivals, big celebrations and cultural events, which are held throughout the year. Among the most famous are the Music Festival, Kaunas Jazz and others. Kaunas also features many attractions such as Kaunas Castle, the historic Presidential Palace, Kaunas Cathedral, St. Gertrude’s Church, the New Town and Freedom Street.

It is also home to Lithuania’s greatest basketball team, called “Zalgiris”, and many sporting events such as the historic European Basketball Championship are held.


Tourism in Palanga

Palanga is a wonderful coastal city located in the western side of Lithuania, on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It is one of the best summer tourist destinations, because of its famous sandy beaches, which are 18 km long and 300 meters wide.

There are many recreational activities and exciting sports within the city of Palanga, where the summer resorts such as Nymersta, Petingo and others. Strolling the city street, exploring the many gardens and recreational parks such as Berto Park, the Sculpture Park, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Corona’s Spit”.

Its main attractions are also the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and museums such as the Amber Museum and Palanga Resort Museum. And do not miss to go to the high-end clubs and restaurants dotted the city.

Tourism in Trakai

Trakai is a small Lithuanian city, located between three

Lakes, famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, wildlife reserves, luscious forests, and all of the above made it an important tourist attraction that receives more than two million tourists every year.

You can find harmony and tranquility in the arms of nature, and away from the noise of crowded places. You can also enjoy swimming, horse riding, paragliding, boating and fishing. The city has the magnificent Trakei Island Castle, which is located on Lake Galvaux, Trakei National Historical Park, many beautiful homes, hotels, leisure complexes and cottages. It is a unique and impressive experience in Lithuania.



Tourism in Klaipeda

Klaipeda is located in western Lithuania near the Baltic Sea, and is the third largest city in the country. It is considered one of the most popular tourist cities in Lithuania, as it is the only ice-free sea port in Lithuania, which has positively affected the economic, cultural, educational and mobility life within it.

Among the most important activities that you can do in Klaipeda, are exploring the architecture, historical monuments, strolling in the city’s port, wonderful sandy beaches, and watching white seagulls. You can also take cruises by boat and sailboat.

In addition to the old city, the theater square, and wandering in its streets. This is in addition to its museums such as the Klaipeda Maritime Museum, the Dolphinarium, the Watch Museum, the Black Sea Ghost Statue, and many others.



Tourism in Siauliai

Siauliai is the fourth largest city in northern Lithuania. Siauliai is nicknamed the “City of the Sun”. Siauliai allows tourists to enjoy a range of exciting leisure activities such as viewing the legendary Hill of Crosses, as it is a unique national pilgrimage site.

As well as the wonderful statues and religious images of Christ and the Virgin Mary, and the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul. This is in addition to the Bicycle Museum, and the Institute of Radio and Television Technology. You can explore more when you visit the city.

Tourism in Kernavė

Kernavi is located in the southeast, on the right bank of the Neris River, and is one of the most beautiful and oldest tourist cities in Lithuania. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Lithuania, having been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Preservation List.

Kernavi Village allows you to explore the unique ruins of its archaeological reserve, castles, and late Paleolithic burial sites. Moreover, the Church of St. Virgin, built of red bricks in the neo-Gothic style.

You can also enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in Lithuania, such as the wonderful rolling hills of the Bagota Valley, the Kernavo Cultural Reserve, and the hike on the Neris River.



Tourism in the village of Rumšiškės

Rumsiesksis is a very popular traditional and folklore village in the Republic of Lithuania. The village is distinguished by its wonderful location on the north bank of Lake Kaunas.

Romessis is famous for its unique Ethnographic Museum, an open-air museum that displays a variety of cultural heritage exhibits of Lithuanian rural life. In addition, it includes a group of houses that allow tourists to learn about how the Lithuanians lived and how they worked. The museum also contains 140 historic buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries that have been carefully restored.

Tourism in the village of Druskininkai

Located on the Nemunas River in southern Lithuania, the village of Druskininkai is a popular resort with locals as well as tourists. In the village of Druskininkai, there are a variety of exciting leisure activities and sports.

You can go to Druskininkai Water Theme Park and One Adventure Park. As well as the multiple spa centers, and swimming in the warm waters during the cold winter months. In addition to the “snow rink”, an indoor ski center on the Alps with an artificial hill. It is one of the largest centers in the world, you can ski in winter and summer as well.

As well as attending the most important events and festivals, such as the poetry festival, jazz festival, theater festival and others.

Tourism in the village of Anykščiai

In the north-east of Lithuania, the village of Anekschiai is famous as the birthplace of many important classical Lithuanian poets and writers. Anixchai is also famous for its beautiful landscapes and vast green spaces. In addition to a group of historical and religious heritage sites.

It also has the most beautiful hills, and typical old Lithuanian village houses. Perhaps the most important recreational activities include kayaking, shooting with firearms, as well as visiting museums such as the Horse Museum, and many more.

Tips before traveling to Lithuania
When you travel to Lithuania for the first time in order to spend the perfect leisure holiday, you should learn about the most important information and tips that can help you before your trip, the most important of which are:

I know that Lithuanian beaches are free
All beaches in Lithuania are free, you only need to pay for the rental of a sun lounger or other things.

Lithuania is fun for couples and the elderly alike
This is where health and spa resorts abound, as well as exciting recreational attractions that are preferred by young people.

Respect the code of conduct in national parks
There are many behavioral conditions, the most important of which are not throwing garbage, lighting fires, scaring birds, making noise, or picking flowers.

Beware of private property areas
Don’t pick berries or mushrooms or fish in private areas, so you don’t face legal penalties or deportation.



No Smoking
Smoking is prohibited in public places in Leyte

Wanya and restaurants, but you can smoke in designated places.

Beware the bus police
When you use buses to get around in Lithuania, you should make sure you buy a valid ticket before boarding the bus, so you don’t face a heavy fine.

Avoid whistling
To the people of Lithuania, whistling is considered a rude act that summons ghosts and spirits. So never try to whistle during your trip in Lithuania.

Watch out for squat toilets
There are many squat toilets in public places in Lithuania, or some buses outside the capital. So we advise you to bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer, as they are not available there.

Visit Lithuania in Spring or Autumn
Since the peak tourist season is in the summer, the costs of the trip are high, unlike the spring and autumn, the costs of the trip are significantly lower.

Choose local restaurants
Local restaurants are more affordable than European restaurants, which includes tips and gratuities to your account.

The best tourist cities in Slovenia

The best tourist cities in Slovenia
Slovenia has many unique tourist cities. Here are the top 10 tourist cities in Slovenia that we advise you to visit, to ensure an enjoyable holiday:



Tourism in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the Slovenian capital and the largest city in Slovenia, and it occupies a very famous and big position, as it is the most important city in Slovenia in terms of tourism and culture. It is the preferred tourist destination for thousands of tourists and locals alike.

Ljubljana has many tourist attractions, which allow its visitors to practice many interesting recreational activities. Among the most important of them is exploring the archaeological and historical monuments that are widely spread in the city, in addition to enjoying wandering and hiking in the parks and green spaces that are filled with the city. This is in addition to attending artistic events, festivals and popular celebrations. As well as going to Kosicekci Lake, visiting the National Museum, the Opera House and the Natural History Museum. All this, in addition to cafes, shopping centers, hotels and high-end restaurants, is a fantastic city that you should not miss.



Tourism in Bled

Bled is located in the northwest of Slovenia, in the Julian Alps on the edge of a beautiful lake of the same name. It is the ideal destination for peace and relaxation amid the best landscapes in Europe. Therefore, it is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in Slovenia.

Recreational activities vary in the fictional city of Bled, “the bride of Slovenia.” The tourist can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Lake Bled, which is surrounded by wide green spaces and high mountains, climbing for adventure lovers and enjoying the most wonderful views from the top. It is also home to a distinguished group of sweet-sounding songbirds, and waterfowl that swim in the lake’s water. You can also swim in the lake, rent a boat, take a cruise, and explore the fantastic lake attractions. You can also go fishing if you like fishing, in addition to visiting Bled Palace, which dates back to the tenth century. And don’t forget horseback riding, cycling, landscape walking, skydiving, and much more. It is an ideal tourist city that meets all the needs to have the most enjoyable times of entertainment.



Tourism in Boheng
Bohinj Slovenia

Bohinj is a wonderful tourist city, and one of the most important places to visit in Slovenia. Tourists come to it in large numbers constantly, in order to spend a pleasant tourist holiday full of joy and happiness.

Bohinj has a lot to offer its visitors, allowing you to fully relax in a lush green valley of dense forests, and enjoy the best scenic views of the Alps, in addition to going to the beautiful Bohinj Lake, which enjoys complete tranquility, and is the ideal place for hiking and relaxation, especially in the spring. Also, don’t forget to explore Savica Waterfall, you can also rent a kayak to practice exciting water sports, or catch delicious fish, and many more activities.



Tourism in Maribor

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, and is the main center for viticulture in Slovenia, and one of the prominent tourist destinations that attract thousands of visitors from various sides.



There are many fun recreational activities that Maribor offers, including enjoying watching its vineyards, and it also has the oldest grape tree in the world, which is known as the “old vine”. As well as seeing many charming landscapes.

Tourism in Bovik “Bowich”
Bovik Slovenia

Bovec, located on the edge of Triglav Park, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Slovenia. It is one of the best cities for couples to spend their honeymoon vacation, due to the diversity of its charming romantic places.

In the city of Bovec, you can practice a distinguished range of enjoyable recreational activities, including enjoying watching exciting sports festivals, as the city’s residents are famous for sports. All kinds of sporting events are held throughout the year. As well as enjoying watching the landscape, the high mountains that you can see in every street, and many other wonderful activities. Therefore, we advise you to visit it and be sure that one day is not enough to explore this wonderful city.



Tourism in Kobarid

Located in the enchanting Soca Valley, the Slovenian town of Kobarid is an ancient city steeped in history, with many attractive landscapes. When you arrive in the city of Kobarid, you will be amazed at the natural beauty that you will not see before. The city also allows its visitors to enjoy wonderful water sports such as kayaking, or riding a rubber boat in the Soca River, and paragliding in a very exciting experience. As well as hiking, biking, cycling, horse riding in the mountain, and many other recreational activities. This is in addition to the great restaurants that Kobarid is famous for.



Tourism in Kranjska Gora
Kranska Gora

Kranjska Gora is located in northwestern Slovenia, and is one of the prominent and famous tourist destinations in the country, as it attracts many tourists who love exciting winter sports, it is a paradise for skiers all over the world.

Perhaps the most important and most popular recreational activity that Kranjska Gora offers you is snowboarding. It is an alpine resort, famous for being one of the best ski areas in Europe. Its most dramatic mountain is called Spik. This is in addition to visiting the beautiful Lake Jasna, the Russian Church located in the Vrcic Pass, which is an ideal place for climbers of the high surrounding mountains, and many other activities. They are really worth visiting and discovering, so be sure to include them in your plan.

Tourism in the village of Zenica “Dre .”

Zenica’s house

The village of Dar Zenica is a country resort near Kobarid, which is a very small village but has a lot of beautiful scenery all around. The village of Dar Zenica is characterized by its kind and welcoming residents, as well as allowing you to do many enjoyable recreational activities, such as viewing a variety of fantastic landscapes, as well as unparalleled tranquility. You can also visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, a charming piece of local architecture.



Tourism in Medana

Medana, located in Slovenia on the border with Italy, is famous for its peaceful countryside life, and is an ideal place to visit for lovers of tranquility. There are many diverse recreational activities that Maidan offers you, including attending many wonderful festivals, the most prominent of which is the Poetry Festival that takes place in August every year. This is due to the crazy fact that two of Slovenia’s most beloved poets, Alois Jradnik and Ludvik Zorzot, were born here, in the same house. The city is beautiful and well worth a visit.

Tourism in Piran

The city of Piran is located on the edge of the Adriatic coast, in southwestern Slovenia. It is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Slovenia, and despite its small area, it has many wonderful sights and beautiful landscapes.

Piran is famous for its stunning Venetian architecture, which a tourist can discover while wandering its winding cobblestone streets. And in the beautiful outdoor walking paths. You can enjoy swimming in the Adriatic Sea, and go to health and treatment spas. The city is also famous for some of the best restaurants in the world, so you can enjoy the most delicious food. And don’t miss visiting St. George’s Church on a hill, enjoying panoramic views of the city from above, and exploring ancient historical monuments such as the main square.



Tips before traveling to Slovenia
If you intend to travel to Slovenia for the first time, in order to spend an enjoyable tourist and recreational vacation. Especially if you are a fan of the outdoors and unspoiled and green nature, then Slovenia is the ideal place for you. You should follow the most important tips and instructions necessary before traveling, which will help you get the best vacation without problems or hassles, namely:

Don’t worry about the visa

Since it is a member of the European Union, and part of the Schengen area that allows free movement between countries. You can enter many countries easily, including Italy and Austria, and this means that there is no passport control between these borders.

Don’t worry about the cost

Slovenia is a mid-range country and is one of the most affordable tourist destinations in Europe. That’s since you are visiting Slovenia and other neighboring countries at the same time, and your money will not be wasted.

Don’t worry about the language

The people in Slovenia speak the Slovenian language, and if you do not know it, do not worry, the English language is widely found in Slovenia.

Zdravo means “hello”.
Hvala means ‘Thank you’.
Prosim means “please”.
Oprostite means “excuse me.”
Ja and No for “yes” and “no”.
Avoid traveling at peak times

This is because prices are very noticeable in peak seasons, especially in summer and spring. Because the country is crowded with very large numbers of tourists.