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Abu DhabiTourism in Abu Dhabi is uniquely distinguished by a group

Abu DhabiTourism in Abu Dhabi is uniquely distinguished by a group

Abu DhabiTourism in Abu Dhabi is uniquely distinguished by a group

of specialized markets, and the Abu Dhabi Gold Market is considered one of the prominent tourist signs, because it includes a wide variety of gold designs of different standards.

It specializes in old, traditional designs that are favored by many of the city’s people, as it expresses the city’s heritage, while the new generation is attracted to delicate modern designs. There are also shops that sell jewelry for famous brands, including Damas, in addition to white gold and other metal jewelry.

Explore the Abu Dhabi gold market
One of the places that attract residents in Abu Dhabi, as it offers a variety of gold and jewelry in shops that number about 70, including traditional ones, and others display modern artifacts. More about the market, we will learn about it in the following:

The following is a distinguished group of different activities and shops:

Walk around the shops
Abu Dhabi gold market
trade Center
Start your visit by taking a quick tour around the stores to get acquainted with the available collections and models offered, as well as to get an idea of the available prices and compare the prices of the stores with each other.

Bargaining with sellers should also be taken into account when necessary, as there is competition between stores, and if you are looking for a specific design, you should go to the large stores that will provide it for you.

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Buy different models of gold
Abu Dhabi gold market
Gold shops in the market


Enjoy buying different models from the Abu Dhabi Gold Market, where you have a wide assortment hanging in the store windows so that you can make your choices.

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