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It is worth noting that some of the necessary documents are

It is worth noting that some of the necessary documents are

It is worth noting that some of the necessary documents are

required before shooting, including personal identification and a driver’s license, while children are requirAl Forsan Resort includes a hotel for accommodation, which makesed to obtain a signed consent from the participant’s parent or guardian.

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Doing various sports
Club sports grounds
sports arena
You can also practice different types of fun sports, as Al Forsan Club Abu Dhabi mainly aims to provide all different sports, including football, basketball, tennis and volleyball.

Playgrounds are provided with large areas for various sports, including open air, such as the football field, which is based on a large green area, and the stadiums are modern and fully equipped.



There are also tracks for walking and breathing fresh air in an open place, or jogging or long-distance running can also be practiced at any time.

Paintball games
Paintball games in Abu Dhabi
Paintball games
Excitement and suspense games are embodied on the land of the Knights, where paintball games or paintball as some know it, where an open area of the club’s land is allocated to try out paintball games that depend on shooting and shooting paintball at the opponent.

In any case; You can create scenarios and apply them on the ground inside the paintball arena, bearing in mind that the minimum age for participation is 10 years, and there are facilities for training beginners by a group of professionals, men or women.



Outdoor dining
Knights Club restaurants
Club restaurants
Take a break from sports in the restaurant area inside Al-Forsan Club Abu Dhabi and eat some special meals in restaurants that provide outdoor seating with an attractive view, including Como Restaurant, Quiche, Taste Al-Fursiya Snacks and The Wave Restaurant.

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for another
Club sports equipment
Sports equipment hall


Relax in the integrated Al Forsan Club, as the club provides fully equipped facilities with the latest sports equipment to increase physical fitness, including a large gym, swimming pool, sauna and relaxation rooms.