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Abu Dhabi Southern Park is considered the best entertainment

Abu Dhabi Southern Park is considered the best entertainment

Abu Dhabi Southern Park is considered the best entertainment


destination in Abu Dhabi that makes people forget the concerns of life from the abundance of fun and play, and the enjoyable time they spend there. Vast green spaces give you a feeling of relaxation when sitting inside.

A suitable place to spend a wonderful day with the family, and also play with friends freely, or by yourself to meditate and practice your favorite hobby. Complete with us the tour inside the South Park.

Discover Abu Dhabi South Park
A distinctive park that is more than wonderful, and although its area is not large; However, it provides a range of activities such as attending celebrations, skating in the ice rink, and other activities that we will mention in the following, so follow us.

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The most important activities in the South Park Abu Dhabi
One of the most fun parks that you really enjoy visiting, where you find fun and fun with family and friends, and you spend a special and unforgettable day when you try the following activities:

Garden Theatre
South Park Abu Dhabi
Garden Theatre
Many live performances and events are held on the South Park stage that people await from time to time, as they are very fun, and you see funny comedy shows, informational culture, and other things that make the park a very suitable place for all ages.


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Doing a favorite sport
Walking paths
Walking and running paths
Start your day by practicing your favorite sport in the garden’s wonderful atmosphere full of vitality and activity, in the midst of vast green spaces. You can practice walking, running, or use the sports equipment spread in the garden, and it will certainly make a different day.

play with friends
If you want to play basketball or football with friends, then the South Park Abu Dhabi is the best option, of course, as the park provides you with a large space that makes you have fun with your friends as you wish.s hotel very much, and it was given a high rating.


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