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Sparky’s amusement park Abu Dhabi is one of the tourist

Sparky’s amusement park Abu Dhabi is one of the tourist

Sparky’s amusement park Abu Dhabi is one of the tourist

entertainment places in Abu Dhabi, which is very popular with many tourists and visitors on a daily basis.

These amusement parks are suitable for you if you are a fan of dangerous games that take you to a special world of dangerous and breathtaking adventures, as these amusement parks have many recreational activities and facilities that help you spend quality time with family and friends.

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Discover Sparky’s Amusement Park Abu Dhabi
Through this article, we can learn about the most prominent activities in the cabarets, their dates, and the offers they provide, as follows:

The most important activities in Sparky’s theme park Abu Dhabi
It includes Sparky’s amusement park in Mushrif Mall; Many recreational activities that children in particular love, and families in general, as they provide children with hours of play and fun, and the most important of these activities are the following:



Sparky’s Amusement Park Abu Dhabi
Sparky’s Amusement Park
Start your day in the amusement park with a tour around the different place in order to get to know it and discover the games that suit you, as it is distinguished by the wide area that helped in the presence of many games that suit all groups, and it is a wonderful opportunity to take a tour with family and friends, and enjoy the fun and games of children.

The games vary between simple regular games that are suitable for young people, such as carousels and bumper cars, as well as difficult electric games that are suitable for those over 7 years old, such as; High trains, high chair planes that need a lot of challenge and daring.


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Sparky’s Amusement Park
Activity and movement games
These distinguished amusement parks paid special attention to children, and therefore worked to allocate many simple games that are suitable for young age groups, including jumping games and wonderful swings that children love and prefer to use continuously.

Sparky’s Abu Dhabi amusement park has a wonderful port that is used to shoot water guns with pistols, as well as it allows the use of boats and then wandering around the river for a while to enjoy a wonderful and interesting tour.

The amusement park also offers another group of distinguished games, as it has provided a distinguished bowling alley that has been equipped at the highest level to satisfy all tastes and help maintain gatherings between family and friends.



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Sparky’s Amusement Park Abu Dhabi
Sparky’s activities
These amusement parks were not interested in providing adventure games only; But it was also concerned with providing video games that attract the interest of all children, through which they can sit for a while in a hall designed for this type of game.



Also, Sparky’s amusement park was not only distinguished by its wonderful games and distinctive devices that suit different age groups, but it can be relied upon in shopping, especially since it is located inside (Mushrif Mall), which is interested in providing many international brands and brands.