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Dubai Zoo is one of the most popular recreational tourist

Dubai Zoo is one of the most popular recreational tourist

Dubai Zoo is one of the most popular recreational tourist


destinations for many individuals in the Emirate of Dubai. Have you ever seen the Bengal tiger? Or have you seen a cormorant? These creatures of African and Asian origin are rarely heard of, but we can see them in nature at the Dubai Zoo.

This park, which includes thousands of rare animals and birds, comes to all tourists from far and wide to get to know the wildlife that exists in the continent of Asia and Africa, especially the Arabian Peninsula, more and more that we get to know together in our article today.

Discover Dubai Zoo
One of the most famous zoos in the world on an area of 20,000 square meters, and includes 3,000 animals and birds, so that visitors can get acquainted with their wild life, and enjoy seeing them in wonderful views with an atmosphere full of fun and entertainment. Together, we discover the most prominent activities of the Dubai Zoo in the following:


Explorer Village
Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo
It is named by this name because the visitor explores some of the animals who came from the continents of Asia and Africa, and learns about their wild life in detail through the specialists that the park provides with visitors in this section. The park is toured by large buses, and the life of the following animals is known:

the elephant.
Black antelope.
Maha Abu Harab.
brown lion.
Bengal tiger.
Kudu animal.
Nile crocodile.
spoonbill bird
Striped hyena.
the giraffe.
African village
Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo
An area of 115 square meters detailing African life, that village that was designed to the fullest in the heart of the Dubai Zoo so that all tourists from around the world can get acquainted with African culture through the various activities and facilities in this section, and the nature of African life also appears through the presence of Some African animals such as: flamingos, African lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, hippos, and others.



People enjoy a lot in the African village because of its calm and pleasant atmosphere, especially in the part of the rain forests, these forests that take you to another world like what we see on television, and the village has also succeeded in providing the appropriate environment for some African animals through the presence of savannah grass that added beauty Wonderful on the garden, another life in the heart of the African village that you enjoy a lot with family and friends.