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The best dishes of meat and biryani with special foods you will find in India,

The best dishes of meat and biryani with special foods you will find in India,

The best dishes of meat and biryani with special foods you will find in India,


Tandoori Place Restaurant

The best dishes of meat and biryani with special foods you will find in India, and your visit to the Gold Coast will not be complete without a visit to Tandoori Plus restaurant, where the original Indian tandoori meals that satisfy all tastes, biryani and kadai paneer and a variety of cuisine between grilled chicken, meat and fresh fish.

Among the Gold Coast restaurants, this restaurant has gained international fame for being one of the best tandoori restaurants, and it is no wonder that the most skilled Indian chefs prepare meals with unique ingredients and special spices, and there is no doubt that you want to get a suitable conclusion to your meal and you will not find better than Indian sweets Delicious food served by the restaurant.

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Afghani Charcoal Kebab House
Afghani Restaurant

Don’t be surprised and come to the Afghan Chirkul Kebab House where the original taste of kebabs in this restaurant from Gold Coast restaurants because you will find the best types of kebabs prepared on charcoal from fresh and delicious meat, where the unique flavor of Afghan and Pakistani meals, it is really a great experience to have a meal of delicious kebab at a price Reasonable in this restaurant.

The restaurant is characterized by the presence of very friendly staff who greet you with a welcoming smile and help you when you need anything. The decorations are calm and attractive. We suggest that you when you go to the restaurant order chicken biryani because you will love it and find an authentic flavor, in addition to that, you can order your favorite meal and eat it outside the restaurant at work if You are busy and do not have time to sit down.

If you want to reach an Afghani restaurant Chirkul Kebab House through Google Maps, click here.

Citrique Restaurant
Citric Restaurant


Would you like to try a variety of cuisines at one of the Gold Coast’s signature restaurants? If Citric Restaurant is what you are looking for, where delicious dinners prepared by professional chefs, you can enjoy Indian meals that are flavored with special spices, and find many seafood dishes that have been carefully prepared from fresh ingredients and mixed with toppings that give you an unforgettable taste.

In addition to sweets of various types, what distinguishes the restaurant is the various breakfast meals that come to you from different continents, where Asian and European meals and delicious foods such as omelettes, eggs, meat, fruits, types of pastries and cheeses, all of which you get fresh with a distinctive flavor.

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Kiyomi Restaurant
Kiumi Restaurant

From the heart of Asia to the heart of Australia on a transcontinental journey that brings you great Asian food to get you at Kiyomi Restaurant, one of the famous Gold Coast restaurants that offers you delicious meals of Japanese cuisine amidst exquisite decorations, designs and charming decorations.


Choose your favorite meal from the best foods offered by the restaurant in a unique and special menu that has been carefully developed containing items to suit all tastes and save you a trip to Japan.

If you want to get to Kiyumi Restaurant through Google Maps, click here.

Balboa Italian Restaurant

Who among us does not like outstanding Italian food, such as pizza or delicious pasta, and certainly your children have asked you more than once for a meal of wonderful Italian pizza, and although there are many restaurants that try hard to provide Italian meals, they do not succeed in giving you the authentic Italian taste.

And you get this authentic taste at Balboa Italian Restaurant, which is one of the unique Gold Coast restaurants and specializes in providing delicious Italian meals with an original flavor that you can enjoy with your family members in an integrated and unique experience based on a whole team of chefs and distinguished staff.


If you want to reach the Italian restaurant Balboa through Google Maps, click here.