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Examples of stores included in the Factory Mall are sports and

Examples of stores included in the Factory Mall are sports and

Examples of stores included in the Factory Mall are sports and


formal shoes stores suitable for all ages, accessories stores, and stores for modern technological devices. This mall is famous for its food court, which includes a large number of restaurants and cafes, which offer everything that visitors desire, including sweets and delicious drinks.

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Galleria Kazimierz Mall

It is one of the largest fashion and fashion centers in the city of Krakow and one of the largest Krakow malls, with a wide range of stores amounting to 160 stores, in addition to the distinctive atmosphere that gives you a perfect mood while having a distinctive and unforgettable shopping experience.

The place is 5 minutes away from the old town of Krakow and combines in its design the history of Krakow and modern architecture, it also includes restaurants and cafes where you can eat and spend the best fun times shopping with family or friends in this wonderful mall.



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Vitkac Kraków . Mall
Mall Fatakak

One of Krakow’s malls, which is characterized by its unique design and architecture. It is a mixture of ancient and modern architecture and consists of several floors. Each floor includes a group of shops and restaurants. You can also see street dancing, concerts and live statues in the central square of the mall.

You can wander inside and buy all your requirements of various clothes, appliances or accessories and jewelry. You can stop and enter one of the restaurants to eat the most delicious and delicious dishes, such as Restaurant 13, which offers a changing seasonal menu and dishes made of high quality products. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Fatakak Mall. You will really enjoy.

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Centrum Serenada Mall
Centrim Mall

This mall is one of the malls of Krakow, which is considered the center of luxury, as it includes within it a group of stores that vary to suit different tastes and provide all needs. It allows its visitors an incomparable shopping trip mixed with an atmosphere of entertainment and fun, as it includes a group of stores for clothing and others, especially selling shoes and bags of various sizes and colors .

There are also stores for household appliances, household appliances and the latest electronics, and you can buy foodstuffs through a supermarket located inside the mall. There are sweets shops of various types and tastes. Do not


forget to spend the time of you and your children in the children’s entertainment center, and you can eat pizza and other foods in one of the restaurants. The mall is like Caesar Express Pizza Restaurant, and if you want to have a drink, you can visit Starbucks Café.