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The best Marseille restaurants to visit in 2020

The best Marseille restaurants to visit in 2020

The best Marseille restaurants to visit in 2020

Marseille is the second largest city in France after the capital Paris.

Marseille is located on the southern coast of France overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.



Tourism in Marseille represents an incomparable tourist pleasure, especially for lovers of wandering in the folds of historical European cities. Who among us has not heard of Marseille, that ancient charming city.

The city of Marseille has many elements and capabilities that make it one of the largest tourism centers in France. The city includes about 24 museums, in addition to its 42 theaters. In addition to its extended history and distinctive architecture, it has wonderful service and entertainment venues, including restaurants.

Marseille’s restaurants are characterized by their elegance and rank, and they also provide distinguished services to their visitors, and offer the most delicious French and international dishes.



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The best Marseille restaurants to visit in 2020

Le Bistrot d’Edouard

Today, the city of Marseille is an ideal location in which the Mediterranean identity appears, according to Edward Giribon, who made the best use of the restaurant in the Prado area, which since its opening has been full of customers. Many people come to it regularly to eat in it.

You might want to have a table in the restaurant’s small garden for a light dinner of Spanish meat and boneless fish or grilled eggplant on the grill with some chopped mint and artichoke salad and tortillas.




This gourmet restaurant on the edge of the Old Port of Marseille is famous for its delicious Michelin-starred dishes due to its wonderful panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Exquisitely designed kitchen-inspired dishes are crafted with the finest ingredients by master chefs.

Try sitting by the window for the best views. Take in the old port on one side and the Mediterranean on the other side.

158, Vallon des Auffes, 13007 Marseille, France, +33 4 91 52 17 82

Cafe Populaire

This popular restaurant is located on Rue de Paradis, where wealthy locals take time to hang out and shop nicely for a prepared meal of Mediterranean comfort food.



Also, the sitting location there always overlooks a wonderful view, where you will find a view of the kitchen, which is open in front of you while cooking delicious foods with tempting aromas, in addition to a private dining room with a wonderful decoration of the ceiling in which lamps are hung and filled with chairs and there are other tables overlooking the garden Spacious outdoor patio.