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Enjoy visiting the mosque on the banks of the El River, learn about

Enjoy visiting the mosque on the banks of the El River, learn about

Enjoy visiting the mosque on the banks of the El River, learn about


the mosque’s role in encouraging scientific discoveries, holding knowledge competitions among young people, as well as games and drawings under the supervision of their teachers.



Vauban Dam

The Vauban Dam is a historical lock bridge popular with tourism in Strasbourg, built between 1681: 1688, and the surface of the dam offers a panoramic view of the Covered Bridges and the cathedral.

He possessed three drawbridges, two internal stairs, and an elevator for people with limited mobility, and the surrounding areas consisted of fields and orchards, which were used to drown the enemy forces once they were submerged in water.

You can cross the embankment from the inside through a long corridor, and through it you can reach Notre Dame



Cathedral, the square of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and see plaster casts of the cathedral statues as well as temporary exhibitions there.

Two Beaches Park

Spend an ideal time in the most beautiful tourist destinations in Strasbourg in a wonderful experience that you will not forget. The park, which is located on the banks of the Rhine River, crosses the border between France’s Strasbourg and the German city of Kiel.



The park was previously used as a racing track in the early twentieth century, until it became open to visitors to enjoy bike tours and hiking, and features an iron pedestrian bridge that connects the two banks.

Have a great time inside the park, participate in the cultural events that are held in the park regularly, get some souvenir photos at the flower fairs, music and dance and enjoy different street arts.

Rohan Palace
Palace of Rohan Tourism in Strasbourg



The Palais Rohan, located in the center of Strasbourg, contains three distinct archaeological museums, was built in the 18th century in the classical style, and witnessed many important political stations for France.

The palace consists of a main courtyard from which visitors enter through a large arch-shaped gate adorned with magnificent statues, and several rooms and halls such as the Synod Hall, the Bishops’ Hall, the King’s Bedroom, in addition to the Assembly Hall.

Enjoy spending time moving between the halls, seeing large paintings, ancient antiquities, wonderful antique furniture, and taking souvenir photos during a guided tour inside the palace to learn about its history.



Church of Saint-Pierre-le-Jean

One of the main tourist attractions in Strasbourg, Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune is located in the historical center of the city and belonged to a Protestant church in the eighteenth century.