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Western cultural development for several centuries

Western cultural development for several centuries

Western cultural development for several centuries


French artists were among the most famous of their time, and France in the world still has its rich cultural traditions.


Successive political regimes have always encouraged artistic creativity, and the formation of the Government of Culture in 1959 helped preserve the country’s cultural


heritage and make it available to the public. The culture government has been very active since its establishment, granting subsidies to artists, promoting French culture in the world, supporting festivals and cultural events, and protecting historical monuments.



The French government has also succeeded in maintaining a cultural exception for strategic audiovisual products made in the country.

France receives the largest number of tourists annually, thanks to the many cultural institutions and historical buildings planted throughout the territory. It is necessary 1,200 museums welcome more than 50 million people



annually. Greater details and operation of cultural sites by the government, for example through the Center General Agency of the Palace of National Monuments, which is responsible for about 85 national historical monuments.

The cost of tourism in France
As in every country, your vacation when traveling and tourism in France can be cheap or expensive, depending on what you intend to do, just try to find cheap alternatives in housing and dining to save money.



How to obtain a France tourist visa
If France is the country you want to travel to first, that is, it is your main destination, and then you travel to another European country under the Schengen system.

You must submit your application at French consulates, and not at other consulates.


If another Schengen country is the main country of your destination, then you will enter France

. The visa must be requested at the consulates of this country, and not at the French consulates

You must enter the website of the French consulate closest to your place of residence to see how they receive French visa applicants 2019.