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France in Miniature on rue André Malraux, and its nearest train station

France in Miniature on rue André Malraux, and its nearest train station

France in Miniature on rue André Malraux, and its nearest train station

mini France

France Miniature is located on André Malraux Street, and the nearest train station is “La Ferriard”, and you can take the Transilien line “N” or “H”, then take buses No. 411 or 412, and stop at France in Miniature,



Miniature France is one of the important attractions of Elancourt in Paris, where you can have a look at all the famous landmarks and places in France in a miniature version,

The park contains more than 2000 models of tourist attractions in France, such as villages, castles, ports, and railway stations with trains. You can also explore 117 monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and others.



– Montmarte Plateau

It is a quiet piece of the French countryside that was annexed to Paris in the year 1860 AD.

There is also in the Montmart Paris plateau and between its alleys a huge wall of blue porcelain on which the word “I love you” is distributed in 250 languages, and it has become another shrine for lovers in Paris.

You will also find friendly cafés, beautiful homes and gardens in the plateau of Montmarte Paris, and if you feel a little tired, you can sit on one of the old wooden benches and enjoy the beauty of the city as long as you look away from the bustle of tourists.
And at the end of your tour, don’t miss the most famous French bread from Le Grenier à Pain bakery.



Galeries Lafayette Mall

Galeries Lafayette Mall is located on Haussmann Street in the ninth arrondissement of Paris in France. It is considered one of the oldest and best Paris malls. It was opened in 1912 AD, with an elegant classic design that contains large glass windows and is famous for its huge dome in the middle filled with decorations and many bright colors.

Galeries Lafayette Mall is a brilliant address in shopping in Paris, where the complex consists of 7 floors and 96 suites, which includes an impressive collection of the finest French and international brands of fashion, shoes, bags and children’s clothing. Decorative products and more, read more about Galeries Lafayette Paris Mall



Shopping in a large place like Lafayette Paris will take a whole day or more from your tourist trip and you will get tired a bit. You can take a rest on the seventh floor, where there are many different restaurants and cafes that serve various drinks.

Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 7:30, except for Thursday, it is open until 9 pm.

– Champs de alysee streest

The Champs Elysees Street is one of the most famous and finest streets in the French city of Paris. It is also the source of one of the most luxurious tourist commercial streets in the whole world, and some consider the Champs Elysees Street one of the most important places of tourism in France.


The Champs Elysees Street includes one of the most important landmarks of Paris, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, in addition to that it includes a large number of shops with international brands and a number of luxury restaurants and cafes that extend on both sides of the sidewalk, which extends for a distance of 2 km.

And among the most famous stores that carry the most famous and finest international brands, you can shop on the Champs Elysees in Paris and buy the finest products from clothes to shoes and bags to buying jewelry or even buying foods such as luxury chocolates.

Waffer Museum

The Louvre Museum is located in the vicinity of the Louvre Palace in Paris. It is one of the most visited places in the city


. The museum contains one million artifacts. The Louvre Museum gets its main fame from the paintings of the Italian painter Leonardo Di

Vinci, most notably the Mona Lisa, with her sarcastic smile. The Greek statue of Venus Milo is also one of the most prominent pieces that attract those interested

Historical affairs from all over the world. The symbolism of these pieces for some makes the Louvre Museum a place to contemplate and to run between its halls and halls to see everything it contains.

Esterix theme park in Paris

Asterix Park is one of the most famous, wonderful and largest amusement parks in Paris, located near Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, about 40 km away from the heart of the capital, with an area of ​​18 hectares.



About 65 games that vary between games for children and games for adults, in addition to providing wonderful and joyful shows and celebrations throughout the summer nights, you should not miss visiting them.

Working hours are open all days of the week in the summer period from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening.

Entry prices: 35 euros for adults. 23 euros for children.