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Le Gallet Beach is a great example of the elegance of the French Riviera

Le Gallet Beach is a great example of the elegance of the French Riviera

Le Gallet Beach is a great example of the elegance of the French Riviera

Le Galet Beach

Le Gallet Beach provided the greatest example of the elegance of the French Riviera



. This beach is officially open between April and October and its location opposite the Old Town and Albert 1 Gardens offers the best views of the processions during carnival season in February.

Opera Plage . Beach

Formerly known as the “Opera Pavilion”, it is the oldest and most popular private beach in Nice; There, the staff is ready to meet all your needs, even the tough ones! Forgot swimwear? Don’t worry, our sales assistant offers you its range to choose from the one that best suits you! Dreaming of a massage on the beach? A massage therapist can be sent directly to your chair!



– Mount Physiopia Park

One of the best amusement parks in Nice is not like the traditional amusement parks that you may be accustomed to, but rather a closed amusement park whose fun and excitement depends on mountain activities.

The destination is suitable for all family members to spend an unforgettable fun time. Activities and games there include climbing, boating, swimming and hiking in caves.

As for boating, there are a range of courses and workshops to suit different ages and skills. Each workshop has its own waterfall and slides up to three meters high, making it one of the most prominent water parks in Nice.



As for wandering in the caves, there are five levels with paths extending to eighty meters. As for climbing, there are different levels for beginners and burners of different ages. As for swimming, there are pools for young children, another pool for adults for massage and relaxation, and another large pool for older children and adults.

– Beechawon Forest Amusement Park

One of the best amusement park in Nice for kids where; It allows them to explore nature in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. Your visit begins with a tour around the forest to learn about the trees and animals present, through professional guides who provide educational courses.



After that, you will go to the mountain games, including slides, and slides suitable for all ages, for beginners and professionals as well.

It is best to reserve your place before heading where; It is more popular in holidays and summer.

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