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Bait Al Dar Al Sharqi Restaurant and Cafe in Bahrain

Bait Al Dar Al Sharqi Restaurant and Cafe in Bahrain

Bait Al Dar Al Sharqi Restaurant and Cafe in Bahrain

The house of the house

Bait Al Dar Al Sharqi Restaurant and Café in Bahrain Bait Al Dar Restaurant and Café is the discovery of the oriental



house with its warm and welcoming atmosphere and gentle breezes. It is an ideal place for a perfect meal as well as for a special occasion. The restaurant serves the best of the city from appetizers, grills and salads.

Indian artist Asha Bhosle’s restaurant serves a range of traditional Indian cuisine with contemporary and contrasting touches. The chain of restaurants in 8 countries



around the world uses fresh salmon and seasonal organic vegetables, along with a range of spices and seasonings that the Asha family is keen to use in cooking.

In addition to the delicious dishes that include various types of vegetables, the menu also includes delicacies of meat, grilled chicken with herbs and spices (masala) and a refreshing ginger creme brulee.




This restaurant is the Bahraini equivalent of McDonald’s. Jasmi’s has the best hamburgers and fries in town. Breakfasts combine local and foreign ingredients: sausage fritters, bread rings with eggs and cheese, and a variety of coffees including toffee frappe, caramel shake and yoghurt.
Don’t miss their morning breakfast: sausage combo, baked beans, eggs, jam, butter, brown bread and Jasmine’s coffee or tea.



The fine Italian restaurant, Vapiano offers a modern twist to fresh dining in Bahrain. From your favorite pizza, pasta, soup or salad and you’ll have your plate within 3 minutes. If you are a fan of Italian food, visit Vapiano on the freshly baked pizza, pasta and salads.