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Indian food in Bahrain

Indian food in Bahrain

Indian food in Bahrain

Lantern Restaurant

Letrans is a restaurant located in Bahrain, serving a selection of Indian that delivers across Muharraq, Hidd and Busaiteen.


Their best selling dishes are Steam Rice, Chicken Makhani, Chicken Tikka Masala and Beef Biryani, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like Bread and Rice, Curry And Masala, Curry And Masala And Biryani.

Lanterns does not offer a traditional experience, but is more suitable for adventure enthusiasts and lovers of innovation. Even in Indian food, do not wait for the usual food prepared from curry and other traditional mixtures, but expect everything new, so one visit is not enough because you will always yearn for other visits for their other dishes.



Aroma Café

The coolest coffee shop in Bahrain boasts an irresistibly delicious menu, friendly service and a wide range of entertainment options.
Aroma Restaurant & Café is the perfect choice for events. Where you can take advantage of its spacious spaces that accommodate up to 300 people, the restaurant includes five beautifully appointed private dining rooms. And vibrant graphics.

Aroma is prepared to receive 300 visitors at one time, and it has created the right recreational environment to enjoy every moment. An outstanding combination of good food, service, spacious design, children’s play area and the right price also makes it on our list of the best restaurants in Bahrain.



tea club

The Tea Club is a luxurious café that makes you feel while sitting in one of the European palaces, with a luxurious interior design in addition to an attractive view, especially in the Amwaj branch.

Different types of tea from India, China, Japan and other African style. All are available in the tea club to give the customer different tastes from all over the world in one place presented in a classy way. The tea club has recently expanded to include additional dishes of food and sweets to provide an integrated service to the customer.