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Tourism in Bahrain

Tourism in Bahrain

Tourism in Bahrain

Tourism in Bahrain is characterized by many wonderful places and landmarks that attract it and most of the tourists who come from the neighboring Gulf countries by virtue of the bridge with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



The tourist attractions trace their origins back to ancient civilizations such as the Dilmun civilization that was in the area. This is in addition to some recent landmarks that affected the tourism movement in Bahrain, as well as horse races, car racing and Formula 1. There are also many popular markets and gold markets. This is also due to psychological safety compared to the rest of the world and to the morals of the people of Bahrain, which endear the visitor on his journey.


Transportation and transportation in Bahrain
Bahrain has one major international airport, Bahrain International Airport which is located on the island of Muharraq, in the northeast.

Climate in Bahrain
Bahrain’s climate is characterized by low rainfall, hot sun and intense humidity. Bahrain witnesses two main seasons in the year in which temperatures vary: the summer is very hot and dry, and the humidity is high, which reaches more than 80% in some periods and does not rain.

The winter season, during which the temperatures drop slightly, and the winter nights are lower in temperatures than the day, when the weather is mild and beautiful and small amounts of rain fall. as for spring and fall they are very short in Bahrain. The few rains that fall in Bahrain make the natural plants few, and they do not differ from what grows in the rest of the Arab Gulf countries.


Historical and archaeological sites
Among the most important museums are the Bahrain National Museum, Rashid Al Arifi Museum, Muharraq, the Diving and Pearl Museum, the Bahrain Fort Site Museum, the House of the Qur’an, and among the ancient castles are Bahrain Fort, also known as “Portugal Castle”, Arad Fort, Riffa Fort, also known as “Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Fort.” Al-Fateh”, Bu Maher Castle, Al-Khamis Mosque, Dilmun Burials, A’ali Cemetery, Ein Um Al-Sujur, Barbar Temple, Diraz Temple, Saar settlement, interlocking tombs west of Saar settlement, Samaheej Mosque, Siyadi House, Sheikh Isa bin Ali House, Khalaf House, Building Bin Matar, Al-Qaysaria Market, Sovereign House, Al-Hedaya Al-Khalifia School, Jamsheer House, Tumoli Fields in Al-Areen District


Best time to visit Bahrain
The period from October to March is the best time to visit Bahrain, as the temperatures are very pleasant in Bahrain during these months, but if you are a fan of Formula 1 then you should definitely plan your visit to Bahrain during the months of March and April.

The cost of tourism in Bahrain
The cost of a medium-cost tourist trip for two people for a week in Bahrain is about 1150 US dollars, which includes accommodation, food, transportation and sightseeing without calculating airline tickets. Lunch prices: start from 10 USD per meal. Hotel rates: start from $28 for two people for one night.

Visitors residing in the GCC countries
All citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) can visit the Kingdom of Bahrain without the need to issue a visa.


Bahrain’s best hotels

Bahrain has a large variety of excellent accommodation and accommodation that it offers to its guests, and we will show you the best hotels in Bahrain to facilitate the visitor who is at a loss to choose between the best