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The most important tourist places in Split, Croatia

The most important tourist places in Split, Croatia

The most important tourist places in Split, Croatia


There are many tourist places in Split Croatia, we advise you to visit them if you intend to travel and tourism in Split Croatia soon. Here are 9 of them:

Bacvice Beach
Bacvice Split beach, Croatia

Split is famous for its beautiful beaches, ideal for relaxation and many enjoyable water activities, the most famous of which is Bacvice Beach.


It is a large beach located deep in a small bay, characterized by its shallow waters ideal for swimming for children. You can also lie on the sand for sunbathing, picnics, and many other fun things.

Coral Garden in Split

The Coral Forest Park is a popular and high place in Split, it dates back to the 4th century and is a great getaway for visitors and locals alike.



The park features towering pine trees that shelter peaceful walking paths, and plenty of seating to contemplate the landscape. In addition to adventurous climbing the famous Marjan Staircase at an altitude of 314 degrees and a distance of 174 meters, as well as climbing rocks on the slopes. It is a place worth visiting.



Zanjan sandy beach
Zanjan sandy beach, Croatia

Zanjan sandy beach is the newest beach built in Split, and its biggest place so far to enjoy the sea and sun, and for a nice family picnic.

The beach allows you to enjoy swimming, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and cliff jumping. It also offers all kinds of children’s activities such as jumping on a trampoline or bouncy castles, gliding paddle boats, and a sandy area with games for young children.

Nadalina chocolate shop
Nadalina Split Chocolate Shop Croatia

Nadalina’s Chocolate Store is the most famous store in the production of chocolate in Croatia, after introducing the chocolate gramophone in 2013 AD, and submitting it to the Guinness Book of Records as the largest piece of chocolate in 2015.



You can taste the products of this exclusive brand of dark chocolate, mixed with Mediterranean ingredients such as dried figs, carob, almonds, cinnamon and more. This made it one of the most famous tourist attractions in Split, Croatia.

Byukovo mountain

Bjokovo is the largest and highest mountain in Dalmatia, and it is considered one of the most amazing places to visit in Split Croatia.


Hike up the mountain, where Peyukovo Peak offers majestic views of all the Dalmatian islands, as well as much of the gorgeous Dalmatian coast.