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The twelve springs of Musa is one of the tourist attractions in Tabuk Haql. It is a

The twelve springs of Musa is one of the tourist attractions in Tabuk Haql. It is a

The twelve springs of Musa is one of the tourist attractions in Tabuk Haql. It is a



Wells of Moussa Maqna
Wells of Musa Maqna in Tabuk

The twelve springs of Musa is one of the tourist attractions in Tabuk Haql. It is a

historical landmark located in the Magna Valley in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is the longest-lived miracle in the world, and offers many visitors a spiritual experience as the Prophet Moses came to drink water from one of these wells, after crossing the Red Sea and arriving at Maqna.

The well of the Prophet Musa, peace be upon him, is known as the well of Al-Saedni, and it has clean, clear water that flows from the ground in several places. You can admire the palm trees wrapped around the small springs, which sprang up from the middle of the sand, as well as the blue waters of Aqaba Bay from the top of the hill.

Tabuk Museum

The Tabuk Regional Museum is the perfect example of highlighting the history of the Arabian Peninsula. The museum allows you to admire some of the wonderful artifacts displayed in many of the rooms, and each room has its own history.


There is a room dedicated to the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 AD, another room for the Nabataean era, and one for prehistoric sculptures. In addition to displaying interactive information about the Tabuk region today on screens and walls.

Walking Head (Titanic Field)
titanic field

The Gulf of Aqaba offers stunning scenery with a length of 170 km, stretching from Ras Sheikh Humaid in the south to the city of Aqaba in the north. Ras Al Mashi Bay is one of the most famous, most prominent and best places for tourism in Tabuk Haql. Near the shore there is a shipwreck still protruding from the water, known as the Saudi Titanic or Haql ship.

Head Walk offers you great opportunities to enjoy swimming, diving, spotting marine life, colorful coral reefs, ornate white sandy beaches, located at the foot of majestic mountains and beautiful islands, as well as charter boats and luxury yachts.



mills market
The mills market, Tabuk, Haql

Souk Al-Tawahin is a small old market located in the old quarter of Tabuk Haql. It is one of the prominent tourist signs of the region, as it still preserves its important historical and commercial status.

The Mill Market is famous for displaying the necessities of the local Bedouins, from their tent coverings made of black and white goat hair, rugs and cushions, exquisitely ornate camel saddles, daggers, and swords as well as fresh food produce.

Tabuk Castle

This majestic castle is considered one of the oldest castles in the city of Tabuk, as this historical wonder dates back to 1559 AD. It is one of the important historical and archaeological sites in the city.

Today, the citadel is considered a wonderful museum, with its many wonderful historical artifacts from the Ottoman period to be explored. As well as the city’s association with the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace), and also many famous explorers such as Evliya Chalabi and Ibn Battuta. The castle includes two beautiful mosques connected by beautiful courtyards and towering watchtowers.


Prince Fahd bin Sultan Park

Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Park is one of the most beautiful places in the city, with stunning views of the Red Sea, and is the perfect recreational haven for visitors and locals alike.

The park has a temperate climate that is ideal for strolling among the vast green areas, which allows you to walk, jog or relax and sit in the pure and calm surroundings. As well as including many sports fields, a running track and many fine restaurants. It is one of the most prominent places of tourism in Tabuk Haql.