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Tourism in Utrecht Tourist in the Netherlands

Tourism in Utrecht Tourist in the Netherlands

Tourism in Utrecht Tourist in the Netherlands

It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Netherlands. It is a city that enjoys a privileged location in the Netherlands near Amsterdam. As well as historical buildings with beautiful architecture, dating back to the Middle Ages. Such as museums, towers and castles.



As well as recreational parks and botanical gardens varied, and bridges, and rivers that made it a city rich in picturesque landscapes. All this and more from the various tourism components, which made it one of the most beautiful tourism cities in the Netherlands.


Tourism in Utrecht, the Netherlands

If you are planning to travel and tourism in Utrecht the Netherlands soon, here is a comprehensive guide to help you plan your holiday. To get acquainted with the most important information as well as the most important tourist attractions recommended to visit…

The best hotels in Utrecht, Netherlands

There is a large selection of luxury hotels ideal for couples and families in Utrecht. It is equipped with the latest amenities for guests and tourists. It also has fantastic views of the most important and most beautiful tourist sites. The prices of Utrecht hotels vary to suit different tourist budgets… Read more about the best hotels in Utrecht, the Netherlands.



Best time to travel to Utrecht, Netherlands
The best time to visit Utrecht is during the months (May to September), as these are the warmest times in the city and temperatures range between 20-23 degrees Celsius. It is an ideal time to explore the city and its most important tourist attractions, and to do a group of the most beautiful tourist and recreational activities.

The ideal period for tourism in Utrecht, Netherlands
The ideal duration of travel and tourism in Utrecht, the Netherlands is approximately three days. Where you can do the most important tourist activities in Utrecht comfortably. Just make sure you plan your itinerary well to explore the most important Utrecht sights during your vacation.

Take a walking tour of Utrecht on your first day in the city, then explore Utrecht’s canals by electric boat. Also discover the historic Dom Utrecht tower, the museums, don’t miss out on trying the Dutch restaurants, and buy souvenirs before returning to the hotel to arrange your belongings in preparation for your return to your country.



Where is Utrecht located?

Utrecht is located in the heart of the Netherlands, along the river Krum Rhein, Audi and Amsterdam Rhein Canal. It is bordered on the east and southeast by Griderland County. On the northeast it is bordered by Emmer, on the west and southwest by the province of South Holland, and on the north and northwest by the province of North Holland. The distance between Utrecht and Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, is about 50 kilometers.




Closest airport to Utrecht

Schiphol International Airport
Schiphol International Airport “Schiphol” is the largest and most important airport in the Netherlands, as well as the third largest in Europe. It has a modern architecture. The airport can accommodate 71.1 million passengers annually, and connects 350 destinations around the world. In addition to shopping centers, relaxation in spa centers, massages, beauty treatments and many more. As well as restaurants and cafes, as well as a museum. The distance between Utrecht and the airport is approximately 34 km.

The language in Utrecht
Dutch is the official language spoken in Utrecht, and it is spoken by almost all people in the country.