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The most important tourist attractions in Hurghada

The most important tourist attractions in Hurghada

The most important tourist attractions in Hurghada


Hurghada is located on the Red Sea, which attracts tourists for the purpose of tourism. Hurghada is an ideal destination for family and youth holidays, as well as honeymoon holidays. Al-Ardaqa is distinguished by its picturesque beaches on the Red Sea for its purity of water, its clean air and the presence of all marine sports and games that attract large numbers of tourists. The most visited months are from November to March due to the mild climate in them.



The best hotels in Hurghada

Hurghada hotels are among the most important and best hotels in Egypt at all, due to their wonderful locations, excellent hotel services, and great entertainment and comfort for visitors, and to explore the best of these hotels read more.

Aquarium Museum


The Aquarium or Grand Aquarium Museum as it is called by some of the museums that was newly established in 2015 AD and displays inside it a large group of marine organisms and contains more than 22 of the largest aquariums in the world. The marine close up as she goes about her normal life


More than five countries participated in the establishment of the aquarium, including England, Malaysia, China, Germany, along with the Egyptian benefactors. The museum includes 24 exhibitions, including rainforests, shark tunnels, Whale Valley, which contains fossils of the Western Desert, as well as 1200 aquatic animals belonging to nearly 100 species.

City Center Hurghada

It is one of the largest malls in Hurghada. It includes many shops that sell international brands beside Egyptian manufactures. Products include clothes, perfumes, artifacts, electronic devices, kitchen utensils and household appliances so that the tourist can buy what he needs to give gifts and benefit from it.


There are also shops selling jewelry and watches of international brands, and there are also many restaurants that serve international and local meals, cinemas, and City Center Mall prepares a place for diving inside to match the natural life of many of the Red Sea fish that will be brought from it.

Carlos Reef

The Carlos Reef area is one of the areas that always attracts tourists to visit and enjoy its natural attractions. It is considered one of the most beautiful diving sites in Hurghada and tourism in Hurghada, due to the presence of dense coral forests consisting of two coral towers that decorate the area below and the surface of the water, and between them there is a 16-meter-deep valley.



There are also many colorful and rare fish such as jack fish, barracuda, tuna, giant moray fish and the rare hammerhead shark. The area is suitable for both amateur and experienced divers.


Al-Fanadir is considered one of the quietest areas in Hurghada, as it is located in the north of Hurghada, which is a narrow and long reef area. Al-Fanadir is located near El-Gouna, which can be accessed from it. The most important feature of Al-Fanadir is that it is suitable for all types of diving. Divers can practice all types of diving such as deep diving, drift diving and beginners diving

Divers always head to the eastern side, as it is protected from the vagaries of the weather because of the presence of a thin arc road of coral reefs and with shallow parts of the reefs full of marine life such as tube fish (Abu zamara), stone fish, scorpion fish, frog fish, flat fish, billfish, hammerhead shark, guitar fish and bass fish. Jack and tuna.