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Tourism in Rize, Turkey

Tourism in Rize, Turkey

Tourism in Rize, Turkey


Tourism in Rize, Turkey

A unique experience, it is one of the hidden gems in Europe. It is a Turkish province that enjoys a temperate climate suitable for tourism. It also includes various types of tourist attractions



It is famous for its clear turquoise waters, theme parks, and beautiful mosques. In addition to luxury hotels, and fine restaurants. It is a Turkish city that offers a special kind of tourist experience that is worth doing to discover. All this made it one of the most beautiful tourism cities in Turkey.


Tourism in Rize, Turkey

Rize is a lively Turkish city, rich in beautiful tourist sites, which gives you a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable tourist vacation. Discover with us in this article tourism in Rabza Turkey, learn about the best hotels, the most important information and the best tourist attractions…

The best hotels in Rize, Turkey

In the Turkish city of Rize, there is a distinguished and diverse group of luxury hotels. And all of them are distinguished by their locations that overlook stunning landscapes, as well as the center and the most famous landmarks of the city. The prices of hotels in Rize vary, making it suitable for different budgets… Read more about the best hotels in Rize Turkey.



The best time to travel to Rize, Turkey
Rize is blessed with a humid subtropical climate, with warm summers and cool winters. The best time for travel and tourism in Rize Turkey is during the months (April to August).

This is where the ideal temperatures, which allow to do some outdoor activities that may not be possible during the winter. As well as the possibility to explore the city’s most important tourist attractions, and take the best photographs.



The ideal period of tourism in Rize, Turkey
The ideal duration of tourism in Rize is about two days, which is an ideal time to enjoy discovering the country and its important attractions. You can admire mountainous landscapes, flowing rivers, and lush green plateaus.

And then explore castles, stone bridges, traditional palaces, tea plantations, and wooden mosques. In order to get to know the local Turkish culture, and finally buy souvenirs before preparing to return to your homeland.



Where is Risa located?

Rize is located in northeastern Turkey, overlooking the Black Sea from the north. It is close to the border with Georgia. Rize is about 87 km away from Trabzon. Rize is also about 158 ​​km away from the Turkish capital, Istanbul.

Closest airport to Rize, Turkey
Trabzon International Airport
Trabzon International Airport is an airport located near the city of Trabzon, in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. Trabzon Airport ranked ninth in total passenger traffic. And the seventh in terms of internal traffic among airports in Turkey. It is the nearest airport to the city of Rize, where the distance between Trabzon Airport and the city of Rize is approximately 160 km.



The language in Rize
Turkish is the official language in Rize, and it is also the most widely spoken and used language. There are also many minority languages ​​along with the official language such as English, German and French.