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The most beautiful tourist places in Shanghai, China

The most beautiful tourist places in Shanghai, China

The most beautiful tourist places in Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a modern Chinese city. Its buildings are designed in a modern architectural style. It is the largest and most prosperous Chinese city, located on the central coast of China on the Yangtze River Delta. Therefore, tourism in Shanghai, China, is one of the most important Chinese tourism destinations.

Shanghai attracts many visitors from home and abroad annually, as it has a rare and distinctive collection of modern and cultural attractions that attract tourists. As well as amusement parks, beautiful gardens, and the Huangpu River, which divides Shanghai into two parts, “the old city, the new city.” As well as the Bund waterfront and water cities, in addition to museums, temples, Shanghai restaurants and many other important tourist attractions.



Yu Yuan Garden, or as it is called “The Garden of Happiness” in Shanghai, is one of the oldest theme parks in the city, and one of the most attractive areas for tourists. It extends over a large area of ​​up to 20 thousand square meters.

The park includes many beautiful attractions, including halls, antique rocks, which are up to 400 years old, monasteries, pavilions, ponds, wonderful green spaces, lush trees, walking or jogging paths, and unique historical buildings. It also gives adventure-loving visitors an opportunity to climb high rocks, and enjoy watching the entire park from above.



Shanghai Century Garden

Century Garden is located in downtown Shanghai and is the largest park in the city. Many visitors come from different parts of the country constantly. Within the Century Park in Shanghai, you can enjoy many interesting recreational activities, such as exercising, sunbathing amidst the beautiful nature and fresh air.

You can also relax in this calm atmosphere, or jogging and cycling, in the paths that separate the park and the lake shore. You can also rent an electric boat on the park’s lake, and take a fun cruise.



Huanpgu River

Huanpgu River is one of the most important tourist attractions in Shanghai, where you can enjoy a river boat ride, or evening ferries, to explore the unique buildings in The Bund. This is in addition to watching the skyline of the fictional skyscraper in Buzdzig.



Disneyland Park

Shanghai Disneyland Park is the first Disney theme park in China. It is one of the prominent tourist areas that attract visitors from everywhere, as it combines the magic of Disney and the unique culture of China. It is a place that guarantees you, to spend the best fun holidays with family members or friends, in an atmosphere full of adventure, enthusiasm and suspense, where exciting and interesting games are suitable for all age groups.


Shanghai Zoo

Shanghai Zoo is the main zoo in Shanghai. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Shanghai, China. The park occupies a very large area, up to 885,000 square metres. The park includes a group of different types of animals, amounting to 6000 species, as well as at least 600 rare and endangered animals.

The park also includes large green areas, with beautiful plants and trees, and paths for walking or jogging. At the Shanghai Zoo, the visitor enjoys seeing many wonderful animals such as: “giant pandas, south China tigers, golden monkeys, Manchurian tigers, kangaroos, penguins, sea lions, Yangtze crocodiles and many more. All this plus the giraffe, deer and other pets