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Tourism in Sapanca

Tourism in Sapanca

Tourism in Sapanca
Sapanca Lake

Lake Sapanca is one of the most famous lakes in Turkey. This lake is located in an area between the Gulf of Izmit and the Adapazari meadow area, about 130 km from Istanbul, and the area of ​​the lake is approximately forty-five kilometers, and it is a freshwater lake with a depth of more than From 52 m, it is possible to rent boats containing pedals,




In order to enjoy the scenic views, you can also drink from the pure lake with fresh, still water, and enjoy your tour around it. It is surrounded by a group of scenic-looking mountains, and it is also the largest lake located near the city of Istanbul, and these mountains are characterized by the wonderful view that overlooks the lake, and it is possible to reach the top of the mountain through the cable car that reaches the bottom of the mountain at its summit.



Driga Zoo

Darija Park is one of the places that attract tourists to the city of Sapanca, and it is the largest zoo in Istanbul, as it contains nearly two hundred different species of animals, in addition to a very large number of plants,

It is possible to see many mammals and reptiles, in addition to the presence of more than ten types of fish with more than a hundred different types of birds, and next to the Sapanca Zoo there is the famous and picturesque Lake Sapanca, which tourists also flock to, surrounded by a group of green forests, and mountains Luxurious, with a great view.

What makes it even more amazing is the presence of the cable car, which extends from the bottom of the mountain to the top, such as Mount Karteba, which is 1650 meters high.



Mashukiye village

Al-Mashouqiah is a charming mountain village in the Istanbul countryside.

This village is considered one of the most beautiful Turkish villages, and this village is characterized by the orchards that are spread all over it, in addition to the presence of forests and natural waterfalls, and this village is also famous for the delicious seafood that is served in many restaurants spread there. This is due to the warmer weather in it compared to Istanbul and its surroundings, and due to the increase in the beauty of nature in the winter season.

You feel yourself in it as a guest in the arms of beautiful nature, and you can visit orchards and forests, in addition to that you can enjoy delicious fish meals in the old restaurants there.



Mount Kartepe

Mount Katipi is located in the eastern region of Kogali Bay, and it is one of the areas with beautiful scenery, and it is possible to enjoy walking or renting safari vehicles for a sense of adventure. What distinguishes the “Snow Summit” rank is the cable car that extends from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the summit,

Where there is the snow resort, which was built several years ago, which provides the opportunity to practice skiing, and through which it is possible to discover the Sapanca forests, which are distinguished by their density.

Tourism flourishes for people who prefer winter tourism, but in the summer, the snow melts, and this area begins to recover, as mountain forests appear and green prevails in all the parts surrounding the area, even Abant in the east, Yalova, and inches in the west.

Naturkoy Village

It is one of the most wonderful tourist places in Sapanca, which is one of the most beautiful Turkish rural villages, and enjoys a high atmosphere of calm and relaxation that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Of the tourists throughout the year, there are natural rivers, whose clear waters make their way between the rocks,

There is also a large lake in which many types of fish swim, surrounded by mountains covered with green trees. And Naturkoy Resort offers many distinctive recreational activities for its visitors, where you can stroll around the village and enjoy a quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of life and take the most beautiful photographs.



Historic Rustem Pasha Mosque

The city includes the historic Rustam Pasha Mosque, which was built by Minister Rustam Pasha for his son Suleiman, and the minister used the most skilled architects to build the mosque in its current magnificent image, and despite the mosque being subjected to renovations and modernization, it still preserves its historical body, and still receives delegations of worshipers.

Gol Park

One of the beautiful parks for day trips, characterized by natural charm, an opportunity to take children for fun and play, there are children’s games, and the visitor can enjoy sessions in front of the artificial lake in the park, and there is also a restaurant serving Turkish and Western food, serving the most delicious dishes and drinks.