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Tourism in Mumbai: The places worth visiting in Mumbai, India

Tourism in Mumbai: The places worth visiting in Mumbai, India

Tourism in Mumbai: The places worth visiting in Mumbai, India



Mumbai is located on the coast of Maharashtra state in western India, and it is called the city of dreams. It is characterized by its hot tropical climate all year round, so tourism in Mumbai is one of the most attractive Indian cities for tourists. It combines cultural heritage with modern and advanced elements.



Mumbai has many ancient historical monuments, which highlight the ancient Indian civilization. In addition to the modern architecture, and the wonderful theme parks, it is the perfect place for fun family holidays, or adventures with friends on the rugged coast of Mumbai.

aksa beach mumbai

Aksa Beach is an important leisure and entertainment destination, whether for local Mumbai residents or tourists, in order to spend the most beautiful weekend holidays.

It is one of the quiet areas, which gives visitors an opportunity to rest and relax completely, in the lap of the picturesque nature, soft sand and clear water. It is an ideal destination for families, as it is characterized by complete privacy.



Guria Beach
Gorai Beach Mumbai

Hugely popular in Mumbai, Guria Beach is an important getaway for locals in the city. Many visitors come to it from different parts of the country. It is dotted with shaded bungalows on the beach, overlooking the clear waters and golden sands. There are also green trees on the beach, which add to the beauty of the beach.

Otan Beach
Uttan Beach Mumbai

Utan Beach is one of the best beaches in Mumbai. It is close to a group of luxury tourist resorts, so it is the most visited beach in the city of dreams. It is one of the best tourist areas in Mumbai.

The beach includes many entertainment facilities, services and various facilities that visitors need. If you are looking for a quiet place and beautiful nature in Mumbai, we recommend you to visit this beach.



Chowpatty Beach
chowpatty beach

It is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist places in Mumbai. When you visit the beach, you can practice swimming, all water sports and windsurfing. You’ll find food carts on the folds of the beach.

Many parties and dance festivals are held inside the beach, which make its visitors contemplate the beautiful Indian dances, in addition to that it is equipped with all the necessary service facilities.



Essence Beach Mumbai
Juhu Beach mumbai

Jawhar Beach in Mumbai is a great romantic destination. We find many couples prefer this beach, for their honeymoon holidays. This is due to the calmness of the beach and its bright crimson rays. The beach offers its visitors many famous Indian cuisines. If you are looking for beauty and relaxation, we suggest you visit this unique beach.



Elephanta Island
Elephanta Island

Elephanta Island is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Mumbai at all. It is a unique experience, as it allows the visitor to access it, through an enjoyable cruise on a ferry for an hour, full of fun and the most beautiful natural scenes.

Elephanta Island includes some rare artifacts, and rock-carved statues of the most famous Indian Buddhist and Hindu deities. As well as carvings of ancient archaeological caves, dating back to the fifth or eighth century.




Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai is one of the most visited national parks in Asia. It won second place, as the best tourist places in the city of dreams.

Sanjay Gandhi Park is a family entertainment area that allows you to enjoy boating in the artificial lake of the park. It also includes a group of huge trees, various plants, walking or jogging paths, a monument to Gandhi, and the unique toy train “Van Rani”, which impresses children. As well as many temples and caves in the park.


Tarapuriwala Aquarium
Taraporevala Aquarium

Tarapuriwala Aquarium is one of the most prominent and beautiful tourist attractions in Mumbai, India. It is the oldest aquarium in the city, which includes a distinctive group of different marine organisms.

The aquarium consists of a glass tunnel, up to 12 meters long. And a variety of open aquariums. Visitors are introduced to different types of marine creatures, including sharks, sea turtles, and aquariums dedicated to colorful ornamental fish, in addition to fish that live in fresh water.



KidZania Mumbai
KidZania Mumbai

KidZania is one of the kid-friendly places in Mumbai. It has a strange and unique character, and is considered one of the recreational places, which are very popular with visitors from different countries.

The place allows children to play different professional roles, in a real city-like environment, and after they have successfully completed their job duties, they get paid with KidZania money. Which gives children more fun and excitement, and enjoy the idea of ​​earning money for their efforts, and doing a lot of interactive and interesting activities. It is an ideal area to spend the most beautiful holidays with your children.



National parks
mumbai national park

The National Parks of Mumbai, is an open collection of parks, located in various locations in the city. The national parks are very popular throughout the year.

These gardens allow their visitors to enjoy watching the most amazing landscapes, such as trees and plants

And fragrant flowers. In addition to seeing the wonderful harbor, and walking in the garden paths in this picturesque setting.



Mumbai Zoo
mumbai zoo

Mumbai Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Mumbai. It includes many wild animals, such as tigers, lions, monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, deer and many more. This ensures that you will enjoy with your children, watching the animals and spending an interesting family day.

The park also houses many wonderfully colored birds, and some exotic and rare birds such as flamingos and crows. The most important feature of this park and attracts visitors to it, is the penguin pen with the appropriate environment and temperature.



Hanging Gardens
Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens are located on top of a hill in the Malabar Hill district of Mumbai. It is one of the unique tourist areas in Mumbai, which is frequented by tourists.

These gardens are famous for their beautiful nature and peaceful atmosphere, which allow their visitors to fully relax. You can also practice many sports, such as breathing exercises, yoga, walking, jogging, and others. One of the most famous of these gardens is the “Fairuz Shah Hanging Garden”, which features wonderful views, and has a place for children’s games. As well as the “Kamala Nehru Garden”, which is famous for its trees, which highlight the relationship of the Indian man with animals, especially sacred animals.



Smash Junior Bombay
Smaaash Junior

Smash Junior Bombay, is the perfect entertainment area for kids. So it is very popular with visitors throughout the year. Smash Junior includes many interesting games for children, which give them fun and joy such as the mesh tunnel, cushioned bridge, cannon shooting, tube slides, palm tree spinner and many other children’s favorite games. All this in addition to their dining hall.




Essel World is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Mumbai, India. It is an amusement park, suitable and ideal for family outings. Essel World is the largest amusement park in India, as it includes a distinguished group of exciting games, suitable for different age groups. Including the express train game, the roller coaster, the octopus, the mirror maze of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and trying to get the treasure and the exit in a very fun time. Zone games are completely safe.



Prince of Wales Museum
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

The Prince of Wales Museum is a prominent historical and tourist attraction in Mumbai. The museum houses a distinctive collection of sculptures, artifacts, and ancient artwork.

The museum is divided into three sections, which are “The Department of Natural History, the Department of Art, and the Department of Antiquities.” The museum is surrounded by several extensive gardens, as well as a souvenir shop. Do not miss visiting this important museum in Mumbai.



India Gate
Gateway Of India Mumbai

India Gate is one of the famous symbols of Mumbai, as it is one of the great historical monuments, with unique architectural designs, which reflect the Islamic, Indian and Roman cultures.

India Gate features a charming view of the sea, and India Gate was built in memory of the Indian soldiers, who were killed during the First World War.



Flora Fountain
Flora Fountain

It is a monument to the Roman goddess Flora, in the form of a water fountain in downtown Mumbai. Therefore, it is one of the important tourist destinations that attract visitors and tourists to it.

Emanating from a delightful water flora that impresses and fascinates, it is an ideal destination for family picnics. You can take the most beautiful souvenir photos below.



Planetarium Museum “Nehru”
Nehru Centre

The Planetarium Museum “Nehru” in Mumbai, is one of the wonderful educational museums, which constantly attracts many tourists to it.

Visitors enjoy the Planetarium Museum, especially atfa, as the museum offers many exciting interactive displays for children. It also provides them with sound and light effects, for the formation stages of the celestial galaxy and planets, and much more about the universe, to become a useful and enjoyable educational journey at the same time.



Haji Ali Dargah Mosque
Haji Ali Dargah

The Haji Ali Dargah Mosque is one of the religious attractions in Mumbai. It is distinguished by its unique Islamic architectural style. It attracts tourists from all sides and different religions, in order to enjoy its engineering and architectural beauty.

The mosque is located on a small island, off the coast of Worli, south of Mumbai. The mosque was built by a Muslim merchant named “Haji Pir Ali Shah Al-Bukhari”, who allocated his money to build mosques in Asia.

mall palladium
palladium mall mumbai

By Design Mall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mumbai. It includes a distinguished group of commercial centers, which sell antiques and gifts, and a lot of art exhibits, which fascinate visitors. This is in addition to the local handicrafts, which are offered as souvenirs from the city.