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Tourism in Armenia and the 7 most beautiful tourist cities and villages recommended to be explored

Tourism in Armenia and the 7 most beautiful tourist cities and villages recommended to be explored

Tourism in Armenia and the 7 most beautiful tourist cities and villages recommended to be explored




Armenia has a rich cultural heritage, strong history, and occupies a great position, as it was the first country to declare Christianity its national religion. This small country is also blessed with an imaginary nature, and diverse tourism potentials. This has made tourism in Armenia one of the destinations that attract thousands of tourists from all countries. Here in this article is your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about travel and tourism in Armenia…


Armenia has an interesting set of tourist attractions, the most prominent of which is Mount Ararat, which is considered a symbol of the homeland. It is also known as (Mountain of the Bible), as its name was mentioned in the Bible, during the story of the Great Flood, so it has a religious status in addition to the panoramic views it offers, and the daring sports adventures it provides for tourists. It also provides you with the opportunity to practice paragliding, go to ski resorts and many types of winter sports.



Tourism in Armenia

Explore tourism in Armenia
Armenia includes the famous Lake Sevan, which is found high in the mountains, among others, many lakes and mountains. This is in addition to the monuments, castles, churches, monasteries, and buildings of the Armenian style, which dates back to the Middle Ages. In addition to parks, various nature reserves and many elements of tourism.

Best places to stay in Armenia

Armenia hotels allow you to choose from a variety of hotels, to suit different categories and budgets. There are luxury hotels and others suitable for owners of limited and medium budgets… Read more about the best hotels in Armenia.



Where is Armenia located?
Where is Armenia located?

Armenia is located along the Great Silk Road, in the South Caucasus between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea between Asia and Eastern Europe. It is a landlocked republic bordered by many countries, bordered by Georgia in the north, Iran in the south, Azerbaijan in the east, and Turkey in the west.



Best time to travel to Armenia
The best time for tourism in Armenia is from late May to early June. This is because that is the period when the weather is mild before the heat season begins. Which makes it an ideal time to explore the country, and practice many tourist activities. Below is a breakdown of the four seasons of the year in Armenia…



Summer (from June to August):
It is one of the best times to visit Armenia, and it is the peak season for tourism in Armenia, as the temperatures rise and the humidity decreases, allowing you to explore the country and its outstanding attractions in the open air, hiking among the rugged mountains.

It also allows you to attend a distinguished group of cultural and traditional events, such as the sheep festival or the bread festival in the mountains, the barbecue festival and many more.



Autumn season (from September to November):
Autumn is an ideal season for tourism in Armenia, as autumn has very pleasant weather and warm colors. Cooling temperatures help you take great tours around the country.

You can also participate in exciting events, such as the Carpet Festival, the International Balloon Festival and many more. It is also a low-cost tourist season, due to the low number of tourists.



Winter season (from December to February):
Temperatures drop at that time, until they reach below zero degrees Celsius. It is one of the colder seasons that does not allow you to fully enjoy exploring the country, especially for lovers of winter games, such as snowboarding in many ski resorts in Armenia.



In addition to watching the snow-covered cities and monasteries, it is one of the most beautiful places in the winter and has a wonderful view of the snow-capped Mount Ararat.

Spring (from March to May):
Spring is characterized by lower temperatures and precipitation. Despite this, Armenia is characterized by the beauty of its nature at that time of the year, the green color and flowers in their cheerful colors. You can enjoy exploring the country in late May and watching many wonderful festivals.

The language in Armenia
The Armenian language is the official and spoken language in the Republic of Armenia. There are also many other sub-languages ​​(such as Russian and English).




Tourist visa in Armenia
Tourist visa in Armenia

To have a perfect holiday in Armenia, you will need to obtain a travel visa to Armenia. There are a set of rules and documents necessary for obtaining a tourist visa in Armenia, the most important of which are as follows:



A valid passport, valid for at least one month after the date of obtaining the visa.
Bank statement in dollars or euros.
Apply for an Armenia visa online.
A photo size 35 by 45.
Pay visa fees to Armenia.
Official invitation from the Armenian Republic.
The ideal period for tourism in Armenia
The ideal period of tourism in Armenia is about three days, which is enough time to explore the most important and prominent landmarks of the country, and to do the most enjoyable recreational activities. The following is a suggested tourist program to spend