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The best places to visit in Monaco Monaco Castle

The best places to visit in Monaco Monaco Castle

The best places to visit in Monaco
Monaco Castle



It is the oldest place in Monaco dating back to six hundred years BC. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and was built on an ancient rock. It is called Monaco Ville or the Castle of Monaco, where the Principality of Monaco originated. It is also called Rocher or the Rock, and it is the official capital of the Principality of Monaco.

Dear traveler, you can see the castle and the princely palace on top of the rock, in addition to many other things. The years are a wonderful sight.

Monaco Formula One Circuit
Tourism in Monaco
Monaco Formula One Circuit
The Monaco Formula One Grand Prix takes place in May and is one of the world’s most famous motorsports to take home the Monaco Grand Prix.

The circuit is constructed within 42 days and takes 21 days to remove. It consists of heights, tracks, depressions and narrow streets in an area of ​​3,340 meters. The number of turns is 19, which shows the skill of the drivers. This layout of the track changes every period. The speed of the cars during the competition is not the slowest The highest speed is 160 km per hour.



Unique Garden Exotic Garden
If you are a lover of nature and rare plants with a wonderful design of its kind, then you are in the right place for you, as this garden is designed on a sloping side in a very wonderful way, through which you see more than a thousand species of thorny, rare, flowering and other plants, and there are many types of plants that increase It is over 100 years old in a group named after the Monaco perennial plants with a unique landscape.

You can also enjoy taking pictures of wonderful memorials and behind you the famous port of Monte Carlo, as well as watching the natural caves and the Museum of Anthropology, this park is an oasis of breathtaking beauty.

Prince’s Palace in Monaco
Tourism in Monaco-
Prince’s Palace in Monaco
It is the seat of the rule of Prince Albert II of Monaco. It was built in the 12th century. You can visit it from June to October of each year, when it opens its doors to visitors. This palace has been used as the seat of government for more than 700 years, making it a unique architectural masterpiece. Ruler by adding his own touches to it.

One of the most beautiful things you see is the unique courtyard, which contains three million pebbles to draw an art form in an impressive archaeological stone panel. The palace has witnessed over time both the rule of the Principality of Monaco, the architecture and the development of artistic taste.



Tourism in Monaco-
Ocean Museum
One of the uniquely designed and magnificent Baroque buildings that talk about aquatic and marine life for amateurs and lovers of the sea world. Unique large fish tank.

You will also learn through the museum about more than four thousand species of marine creatures found in the Mediterranean and tropical waters, and the museum is a distinguished tour during tourism in Monaco that should not be missed.

Tourism in Monaco-
Monte Carlo port
The paradise of world famous people, the wonderful marine oasis, the gentle breeze, which is located in the La Cunda Main area, the manifestations of luxury and luxury through boats and marine yachts, especially the yacht of the Governor of Monaco, the most wonderful places in Monaco in terms of fun and spending a nice and distinguished time watching more than five hundred yachts for the world’s rich, comes in The second oldest place in the Principality of Monaco.

The scene of yachts, boats and ships should not be missed with a distinguished cruise and sipping coffee in one of the existing cafes that give you a strange feeling while watching the Monte Carlo port in front of you, with its unparalleled nature.

Tourism in Monaco
Larvotto Beach
One of the most beautiful beaches that you can see in your life, where you can relax, and it is the only public beach that was established after the Second World War and is characterized by its pebbly calm blue water that is safe for children, many celebrities visit this beach, you will find many stores where you can buy all the drinks that come to mind your mind.

The beach is very suitable for a family atmosphere, with free sections and others with fees, steps away from it you find the city of Monte Carlo and you can see the famous port, and Prince Grace Street passes by it, you can enjoy a nice atmosphere, safe and fresh water, and document the moments of fun and swimming through photography or a camera the video.



Tourism in Monaco-
Opera de Monte Carlo
The Opera House is one of the most beautiful places in Monaco. It is located in the most prestigious neighborhood in it, which is the Place de Casino, with a wonderful modern archaeological design, where the distinctive square with a unique fountain design, in a beautiful scenery surrounded by palm trees and a luxurious facade on the sea, dating back more than 150 years, the inner hall Luxurious that combines sophistication and history with historical paintings on the walls and amazing engraving statues.

The performances inside the opera belong to the classical art, with famous artists from all over the world, and there is ballet art.

Tourism in Monaco-
Les Jardins Saint Martin
In a wonderful view, there is Les Jardins Martin park next to the Mediterranean Sea with its clear blue waters and calm waves, close to the Ocean Museum and there is a monument to the Prince of Wales.


Marine researcher Albert, the garden extends for a large distance on the coast of the island of Leuchere, and it is on a very high slope, and you can see from the top many of the landmarks of Monaco as you see rare world plants and flowers.

During your visit to the park, you will also see hills, bends and slopes as if you were in a lush oasis and a stunning view next to the sea water, along with small artificial lakes that gave the place a special elegance.


Tourism in Monaco –
Fort Antoine
It is a castle built in the old days as a military base in the northeastern corner of Le Cher throughout the ages. This castle has turned into an open theater where performances are held in the evening in the summer. There are two periods that you can visit in them from ten in the morning until one in the afternoon, the second period from two in the afternoon until five In the evening, admission is free.

You can watch evening shows in an idyllic atmosphere decorated with stars in the sky, but attend these shows with fees and all shows are in French, you can see the Riviera coast and some areas near Cannes and Menton in Italy while you are in this castle, the seats are in a distinctive geometric shape as half circles, you cannot miss her visit.