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The best tourist cities in Japan

The best tourist cities in Japan

The best tourist cities in Japan



Japan is a country rich with rich cultural heritage and history, as well as stunning natural landscapes, sophisticated modern buildings, skyscrapers, vibrant cities and many more. Here are the most important and most beautiful 10 tourist cities in Japan that we advise you to visit…

Tourism in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most populous Japanese cities in the world. It is the Japanese capital, and one of the important tourist destinations, as it receives millions of visitors annually from different parts of the world, to explore its unique and advanced cultural landmarks.

Tokyo allows you to do many great recreational activities, including strolling safely the cobblestone streets, exploring the city’s historical remains and ancient atmosphere, food stalls and much more. As well as pop culture and international fashion.



Tokyo is also home to more Michelin-starred establishments than anywhere in the world, offering great gourmet food, shopping malls and much more.

Tourism in Kyoto

Kyoto is famous as the most beautiful city in the world, as well as a historical city with a rich cultural heritage, and characterized by many aspects of civilization. It is one of the most important and best tourism destinations in Japan, and Kyoto is considered the cultural and spiritual capital of Japan.

There are a variety of recreational activities that you can do in Kyoto, including exploring its great historical monuments, where there are more than two thousand religious temples and shrines. You can also wander the winding cobbled alleys, and see traditional cafes, and restaurants of the world class.



Also, don’t miss the stunning palaces and villas, as well as multiple Zen gardens with a dry Japanese landscape, and romantic cherry blossom trees.

Tourism in Kanazawa

Located on the Sea of ​​Japan, Kanazawa is a beautiful city characterized by its picturesque landscapes that attract many visitors to relax and harmonize in the calm atmosphere of the city.

Kanazawa includes many tourist attractions and archaeological sites that allow tourists to enjoy exploring, including ancient shrines, temples and beautiful museums. As well as a fun wander through amazingly preserved old quarters like the ancient samurai. Perhaps the most favorite visitor area in the city is Kenroku-en Castle, which is surrounded by idyllic gardens, all of the above in addition to the charming night views.



Tourism in Hiroshima

Hiroshima was rebuilt after it was completely destroyed by the atomic bomb in 1945, and is now a bustling modern city, one of Japan’s top tourist attractions.

Hiroshima allows tourists to practice all kinds of recreational activities, including enjoying visiting attractions from museums, parks and amusement parks, such as the Peace Memorial Park, seeing the ruins of Genbaku Dome “Nuclear Bomb Dome”, Tsukushima Shrine, and Hiroshima Castle, as well as going to the islands near the city and the most famous of them.” Miyajima Island.

Tourism in Osaka

Osaka is located in the south of the island of Honshu, Japan, overlooking the Osaka Bay, and it is a tourist destination that occupies a great place with locals and tourists alike.

Osaka has an array of charming landscapes, captivating tourists with the Yodogawa Estuary at its heart, and the abundance of neon lights that give it its own charm, and it is a cheerful and vibrant city.



The city is famous for the sounds of music, as well as for the diversity of its attractions such as the Ramen Museum and the National Museum of Art, and visit the Osaka Kaikwan Aquarium, Tennoji Park, and Mino. In addition to experiencing the most delicious food dishes in restaurants or from the street. And to enjoy an exciting atmosphere, you should head to the Universal Studios theme park, which is suitable for all age groups.



Tourism in Yokohama

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan, located on Tokyo Bay. It is a coastal city and a global tourism destination worth exploring and visiting for its super clean and beauty. Yokohama is an important major port in Japan.

The city is known for its diversity of architecture, as well as delicious food from around the world. You can visit theme parks such as Yamashita and Sanken, Chinatown, and don’t miss shopping in the country’s various malls and buying wonderful souvenirs.



Tourism in Nara
Japan Nara

Nara is a city that stands out for its unique beauty, as well as being the first permanent capital of Japan. It has many historical and cultural attractions, and the city has many sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, so feel free to visit them.

You can easily explore the city of Nara by walking, and see the many religious monuments such as temples and shrines, and the amazing Buddha statue. It shows the beauty of Japanese art and architecture, and don’t forget the green hills and beautiful gardens filled with beautiful deer.



Tourism in Sapporo

The great city of Sapporo is the capital of the island of Hokkaido, and it is one of the important tourist attractions in, as it includes many tourist attractions, and allows its visitors to practice many recreational activities throughout the year.

You can enjoy many exciting winter sports such as snowboarding, as well as enjoyable summer activities such as attending many festivals, perhaps the most important of which is the famous Snow Festival “Sapporo Snow”, which is attended by thousands of tourists to see the huge statues.

You can also go to the mountains, hills, hot springs on the island, huge shopping malls, great restaurants, exciting nightlife, and much more.



Tourism in Sendai


Sendai is the largest city in Tohoku on the island of Honshu, Japan, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Japan. It is a city that combines the authentic traditional life of the Japanese people with the bustling modern life.

You can enjoy visiting the ruins of the ancient city fortress, the mausoleum of the famous families, as well as beautiful gardens, hot springs, the Museum of the Forest of the Deep of the Earth, attend the many festivals for which the city is famous, buy wonderful souvenirs, and do not forget to try the local food with an irresistible taste.

Tourism in Fukuoka

Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu, is a beautiful place with a pleasant atmosphere. Located on the banks of a river running through it, the city is an ideal destination to visit.

You can enjoy watching the famous baseball team, visiting great museums, as well as discovering the amazing architecture, and going to the temples scattered around the city. It is also home to over six thousand plum trees, which bloom in spring and beautify the city.

Tips before traveling to Japan
If this is your first visit to Japan, then you should get acquainted with the most important tips and advice that you will need during the trip, which can help you to plan the perfect vacation for you, namely:

Print your hotel address in Japanese
That is, if your phone battery runs out, show this copy to the driver so they can read it and connect you with ease.




Always carry hand sanitizer with you
The lack of soap in many public baths in Japan.

Discover true relaxation in onsen
This Japanese hot spring offers the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, don’t miss it.

Do not miss the experience of walking in the forest
Japanese culture emphasizes harmony with nature, and hiking the many dedicated trails is a popular pastime for people of all age groups. It is a unique experience that we recommend to you.

Learn some key Japanese phrases
Learning some Japanese greeting phrases is important to enhance your Japan trip. However, most people speak English, and there are plenty of signs in English in the major tourist cities of Japan.

Beware of tipping
Tipping is not known to Japanese people, so if you try to leave a tip, it will definitely be rejected. Don’t try to avoid embarrassment.

Don’t forget to take off your shoes
One of the Japanese customs that must be respected is to take off the shoes before entering homes, some temples, and any area with mats. It is recommended to wear shoes that are easy to put on and take off because you will be doing this a lot during your tourism holiday in Japan