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Tourism in Helsingor

Tourism in Helsingor

Tourism in Helsingor


The Danish city of Helsingør lies on the Öresund Strait and faces the city of Helsingborg on the border with Sweden. This means the influx of tourists from all over the globe to enjoy the beauty of the charming view of the strait. As well as the frequent visits of the Swedes to shop and buy cheap alcohol from the city markets. All of the above contributed to an increase in Helsingor’s economic activity, particularly through the taxes levied when ships transit the Oresund Strait.

As you walk around Helsingor you will feel the splendor of the splendid medieval buildings. You will also enjoy views of the old wooden houses lining the sides of the road with the beauty of the harbor and the ships anchored. While the huge Kronborg Slot is undoubtedly the highlight of city tours.

Tips before traveling to Denmark
Despite the beauty of tourism in Denmark and the charm of its nature that no one disputes, having a happy holiday in the country requires good planning for the trip. This is done by following the following tips and instructions:


Learn some Danish words
Try to learn some Danish words before you go on the trip so that you can easily deal with the locals.

Take advantage of shopping offers
Denmark is famous for its unique fashion design houses as well as many international brands spread across the country. In short, do not forget to embark on a pleasant journey of shopping during your tourism in Denmark.

Enjoy crossing the Øresund Bridge
Denmark is connected to Sweden via the Øresund Bridge, so it is fun to cross this bridge over the blue waters of the sea. This will provide you with more economical prices in the Swedish city of Malmö.


Try the bike ride
The Danish people use cycling a lot amid the beauty of nature, so share this fun experience with the locals and go on a fun bike trip for once during your vacation.

Don’t forget to try the local food
Danish cuisine is famous for its delicious seafood as well as hot dogs, which is definitely worth a try.